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  1. FabricioD24


    Just reset not factory
  2. FabricioD24


    If it is downloaded, delete it and redownload it again. If it is online, reset your laptop/device.
  3. The 5th New Blood Zombie Survival Anniversary Is Live On http://www.classicube.net/server/play/1c85dee906fdd79571b9d18f3fa1f50a/ I Would Suggest Heading Over There, I took Some Photos Of As Many People I Could, My Laptop Doesn't Handle Files Very Well, I Will Keep Trying To Take Photos, But For Now, Head over to New Blood! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12gvCc8xnnhZzCA6rjzjz5O-Md1O2-Y1r?usp=sharing Link To Photos
  4. do you have amogus for me today?
  5. no problem, its the least i could do for a friend.
  6. kawaii be careful theres a lot of swears here lol (also helo)
  7. Lol So Calm "It ain't Happening Cheif"
  8. wasnt it Xx_Sarah_xX or smtn??
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