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  1. I'm sorry folks, but FireHills will never be able to reopen because my host won't give me back the files from the server. I am really sorry....
  2. Thank you very much for your answer, Scav.
  3. I know I ask a lot of questions right now, but they are very helpful in my case ... Anyone know how to remove the message "RoxasYTB is lately known as: Fox3000 +, Fourty3000 +"? I think it will not only help myself. I thank you again if you answer me ...
  4. I'm not trying to change the zombie skin but the original zombie model. But I already have a little solution. Thank you both for your answers.
  5. Can I modify the default zombie model for singleplayer map ? I want just modify him for have an other model. And if I can i want choose the model I want to replace . I don't want use customs models... So, it is possible ? If not, can I just lower the arms of the zombie ? Thanks you , if you answer this question... Another alternative is possible. If I have to use the CustomModels plugin, then replace the white texture when there is no skin? Thank you again, if you answer me ...
  6. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to remove the "+" when I use the "@p" in a message block ... When I type "/ mb water @p is a cool guy!" It answers: "RoxasYTB + is a cool guy!" But I would like to remove the "+" from "RoxasYTB +" and if possible without plugin. I would like to do it on my own server. I use MCGalaxy ... Thank you to the one who will answer me ... See you soon ! RoxasYTB
  7. I don't know when FireHills will open again. All I know is that he will be back soon, but I don't know when. FireHills has been closed because I have a problem with my host (which is not eddyn.net) ... I will come back to this topic when it opens again. But don't worry, it will reopen. PS: I thank all my friends who helped me build the server, I will not mention their names but some will recognize each other. I also thank the friends with who I play daily and especially Popstar_28, Deasia_2020, Luisgalindo, Zarriq and all those with whom I get along well and who does not leave me alone and thus, promotes my gaming experience . I will therefore come back to you when FireHills is opened again. See you soon !
  8. Oh OK ! I havn't seen in discord server of this classicube server ! Sorry !
  9. I like this server ! But you must have a forum for this server !
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