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  1. Wait.. I have a account here?
  2. Its my opinion stop forcing me to like it, you only like it because you got Roblox pussy.
  3. I would say Roblox (During 2016-now), I think that its just bad nowadays.
  4. Mine are Halo 1 and OpenSpades and AssaultCube.
  5. A gaming PC that can run alot of games from 2015-2017, then just get a copy of MCC, oh and then just give some for my relatives and family.
  6. Well I dont have MC or any mods for it but I would say RLCraft and Aether.
  7. Aged like milk, Good at first then being banned.
  8. Not owning any Halo game. (besides halo 4 and 5 i dont like those) I literally just realized that I own Halo : Custom Edition (I am stupid)
  9. The fact that I have a terrible computer.
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