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  1. Yeah most of those features would be client based I think. Shake / recoil, animations and sound, I asked Unk, the client is free and open to change but it can't be merged with the official master code. So it's likely it'll have to be edited to such an extent that it wouldn't let you play normally in normal servers, or maybe kick the player out entirely for being out of sync in code unless in servers specifically made for it. I'd love to make this something all servers can enjoy to its full experience but I don't like my chances especially after hearing these points.. :') edit tl; Also, I don't even know what server type I'd employ to bring this in. MC Galaxy seems like a fine fit, it already has bot and gun in it, maybe take that and develop on it? But I don't know who the devs are for that server software. (in terms of getting permission to edit / use it) edit edit; also to clarify, I'm not trying to turn CC into a full FPS game, just to have it as an extended feature of CC.. Building and everything stays. edit edit edit; "My main concern with attempting to develop any kind of fps mechanics is that the delay based netcode of classicube makes it kind of unsatisfying and difficult to play." I thought CC was better for it than normal MC, because maps are preloaded and /gun was crisp to use with hit detection. You're probably right, but I feel like this is one of those "lets find out i guess?" moments. :')
  2. I can bankroll 500-1000 AUD a fortnight for the effort for the FPS stuff and I have contacts with Hypixel and other teams if Nullblox doesn't work out. AI will probably be a server-side job but I get the feeling there's going to need to be client adjustments or maybe resource packs can cover for the models? I'm not sure yet on specifics. Yeah I asked Unk about survival, fair enough it gets too close to real Minecraft to do any of that. Bummer. Cs rotate is like... Okay, you copy and paste something and then instead of a normal rotate or flip, you basically insert a number and it'll paste it that many times in a circle. I copy a Pillar, /cs rotate 8 <radius?> and it'll paste it 8 times evenly in all directions. 60 pillars? /cs rotate 60 <radius?>, 60 pillars are made evenly around, although it looks like a mess because 60 is insane. I forget the exact command line but that's the jist of it.
  3. I don't know what plans CC devs have for the game, but I feel you on this. Personally, I want to try and see if I can implement a couple things in tandem with the Nullblox coding / art commissions community, as they've proven competent to me in Minecraft related projects. I haven't asked for the endorsement or approval of CC staff yet on this so it's a big IF and I don't know yet if these things are possible. - FPS gun mechanics w / animations / proper models. Models are done, this would just need coding. - Implement commands from normal Minecraft that I noticed are missing, like cs rotate or voxel sniper. (you can effectively do voxel sniper right now with the right commands anyway Goodlyay proved this within 10 minutes of me asking in NA2 lol, absolute mad lad.) - Expanded Bot functions, simple shooter AI for FPS maps too. As much of what I can get in inspiration to Noppes CustomNPC mod. - See if we can expand survival modes any further or not. - can't do this, confirmed. These are the things I want to look into, it's quite possible that the devs already looked into these and decided it wasn't worth it or not possible but I don't know yet so I'll have to find out. What I think, is that CC is more of a passion project than anything, these people don't have a stable source of income *from CC* so updating and coding at the cost of their own time and life is purely from charity and I shouldn't expect them to develop any of these things in their own time. If any devs / staff want to chip in on the viability on these things, or whether it should even be tried, I'm all ears! edit; the reason i want to push FPS aspects is because I think CC is perfect for it. We had a blast in Au70 when Jonty made /gun for it, it inspired maps to be made for it, and there's the ping / lag aspect of it when it comes to the map. In normal minecraft, if you play with gun mods you're loading in the world as you run around and it stutters, so when alone playing with guns is fun and all, but in a group it can get pretty messy with ping / lag w guns - but CC has the whole map loaded from the get go. And if AI can be done for this, it'll mean a whole new genre of servers or modes we can do, it would be insane potential for both pulling people back and inspire new projects to keep CC alive.
  4. The whole point of this thread is that I've seen the opposite, but there's clearly been some suspicious activity mixed in as 123 demonstrated, so I'm either in the wrong on this or there's been coincidences. I can imagine that people who CAN afk all day WILL afk simply from other things going on, distractions, it's not 100% to me that this is botting and attributed to mike or ninja, but if it quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck it's probably a duck. Just saying my thoughts, not disagreeing.
  5. My point is I don't see evidence of him connecting with fake accounts. These are all people I've seen doing their own thing and talking with each other. He would have to go through a lot of hoops to make this happen, as you say. This situation is simply Occam's Razor; Yes we have active players that afk, I am guilty of doing this for 12 hours at a time even. You know I'm not a bot, but you won't extend this to anyone else in the server because you don't know them or haven't been on when they were active. .. IS WHAT I WOULD HAVE SAID IF 123 HADN'T JUST POSTED SOLID EVIDENCE. That's a blunder, you got me there. I've asked Mike and Ninja about this, Ninjas claim is Yammicraft joins and spams servers using /afk text but he didn't comment on whether they were his, mike showed me the IP of himself and Yammi and they're different. I mean, VPNs aside, there's always a way around this so I'm not going to die on that hill. Instead, mike's decided to throw a 2 hour afk kick timer on, although there is the question on whether he sets it for certain ranks or not. I'll see what happens. 2 hours might be too long, Idk. It's something, I'm not the owner so it's not my call but I agree 18+ hours is extreme as fuck. Me being in for 8-12 afk felt like overkill too. I'm not going to ask for us to be put back on the list, we'll see if you feel if it's worth that later. til; I wouldn't be making a lobby for a server that's dead. I'd be insane. I hope you guys understand that?
  6. I see, so it's not botting per say. It's allowing people to afk in the server, those are two very different things. Although I don't agree with your philosophy on this, I understand and accept your perspective on this; I think that's a reasonable take. I imagine this perspective comes from someone who wants to draw people to their own server and have a more honest look on the list, and sees other servers as competition. But as a player when I see flat 0's along most servers; I see a dead game. And maybe I'm wrong to see it this way, maybe I'm just not in at the right times to see it flourish via time zone but I feel like letting people afk in the game is an acceptable sin because it means people made the effort to be there in the first place and it's clear to other players even if they're afk for some time. ..Slippery slope logic on my point. It could go badly if you let it persist. Yeah I think I get it. Edit: I said we need competitions or something to drum up community rapport but I think NA2 does that already so it's probably inappropriate to say that to you :') Thanks for your reply Goodly.
  7. Context: So this happened today, we had Snoozer come in and make wild claims. we had 5 or 6 afk players at the time, so it's understandable that suspicion would be had of botting. At the time, I checked Mikes account and none of them were linked to the players in game, and I've only ever seen mike pull in his alts when doing some higher level demotions and promotions in game using said alts- Don't ask me why, I don't understand that part. However, the players who were in I had seen moving and talking to each other independently and I see this on a very frequent basis when the server reaches its current peak of 10 players at once and when it's in its low states, the usual time zone for the server player base in the US and it's not uncommon for myself or others to afk hours at a time. Goodly also came in but I don't know if it's related, he might have been testing the claim too since Snoozer is apparently a regular in NA2, and if it's Goodly's claim then I kind of trust it a lot more. [1] [2] We then had 123 come in, and tell us we're suspected of botting. Took us off the site list apparently. I'm only asking to know how you guys came to this conclusion and what method you used to determine this, since I have seen the opposite in effect in the last week, I don't mean to be critical I just want to understand the decision.
  8. Hey guys! Do you think it would be possible to upload and script proper guns into Classicube? I understand that you can already have guns in a purely game mechanic capacity (Jonty800<3) I have JSON files to provide of weaponry, most of which we paid for via commission to the Nullblox community to create and code weaponry for Minecraft 1.12 via crackshot. I can provide receipts if my credability is in question, but the main concern for me is currently finding out; Can we use these in classicube to make a proper FPS aspect to the game? Examples (I have like 30 of them or something, idk it's been like 5 years I forget the true tally but I have a lot more):
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