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    Update 2.0 Alternate Textures & Hotfix Update!!!!!! You'll know it's a big update when the text is centered! Hotfixes: Overhauled the Brick texture to be more accurate and inline with the latest faithful PA brick texture. Updated the sapling texture to have its shading tweaked with the leaves. Yellow wool texture off hue has been fixed. Alternate textures: Introducing, The alternate textures archive, featuring brand spanking new ways you, Yes You! can customize your royal and faithful experince with new textures to work with the new alternate textures zip folder, use a image editing software to your liking, smack slap dab any images you'd like and wabam! The changes it provides includes: New block textures with variations of the default Royal3 textures for seasonal grass, dirt contrast, past texture revisions, 0.0.20a styled Gold & Iron, colourful extra wools and more with guest appearances of faithfulized textures of Classicalsharp and Classic+! New hud options with added shading for the purple hud design and the Reindev Hud design. Presets for Terrain.png, it can be used as a template for additional changes you want to do for your personal experince. The alternate textures gallery isn't completed yet as of late, I am planning onto adding more to it with exclusive faithfulized mod textures (gained with premission ofc), and with my own original textures in addition too, It would take a while ofcourse, I won't promise on the date the next update for the alternate textures would come though as this was made in my spare time with my busy life. No idea on how to leave this on a fitting note, so I would definitely ask you all if you want, to suggest or even contribute textures to this silly dinky little project. If anyone's worried about the mod textures being here, I've asked and gained premission from the creators to use their textures and upscale them for this silly passion project. - Z
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