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    does you teeth ever itch?
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    Sign blocks, otherwise known as Message Blocks, are blocks containing a message in them that appears in chat, to see the message, you must hit or right click the block to display the message. If you want to make your own sign block, go in chat and type in /mb [block; default is white] [message], however servers changes the permissions of the command, so you may have ask anyone who has the permission to place a message block to place it with your message that you said to them.
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    Here is how to join servers. Go to https://www.classicube.net Click Play. Next Click any server name that you want to join. (Scroll down to see all servers.) I copied it (I made this)
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    The webclient automatically saves options to IndexedDB anytime you change an option, so there's nothing you can manually configure with saving. I have updated the webclient to log any errors when saving IndexedDB now - so if possible, can you please try changing an option again and see if you get an error message in chat now
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    could not know where that 68% came from
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    they shouldn't be using a school machine to play video games tbh
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    warehouse boy for game boy, my 2 brain cell mind cant handle this 20 brain cell game
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    Bot, BotAI, Bots, BotSet, BotSummon, Abort, Bezier, Bind, Brush, Calculate, Center, CopySlot, DoNotMark, Mark, CmdBind, Copy, Cuboid, Delete, Draw, Drill, Fill, Hollow, ImagePrint, Line, Maze, Measure, MB, Mode, Outline, Paint, Palette, Paste, Place, Portal, Pyramid, Rainbow, Redo, ReplaceAll, ReplaceBrush, ReplaceNotBrush, Sphere, Transform, Triangle, Replace, ReplaceNot, RestartPhysics, Spheroid, Spin, SPlace, Static, Torus, Tree, Undo, WriteText, Write, 8ball, AdminChat, AFK, Color, Eat, Emote, Hug, Ignore, Inbox, LoginMessage, LogoutMessage, Me, Nick, OpChat, Clear, RankMsg, Roll, Say, Send, TColor, Title, Vote, Whisper, High5, CustomColors, EntityRot, Environment, Hold, Model, ModelScale, Ping, ReachDistance, Skin, Texture, GlobalBlock, LevelBlock, Award, AwardMod, Awards, Buy, Economy, Give, Balance, Pay, Store, Take, CountDown, Explode, FlipHeads, Gun, LavaSurvival, Missile, Referee, Slap, Team, TntWars, CTF, AKA, ZombieSurvival, About, BanInfo, Blocks, Clones, Commands, FAQ, HasIRC, Help, RankInfo, ServerInfo, LastCmd, Loaded, MapInfo, News, OpRules, OpStats, PClients, Players, Rules, Search, Seen, Time, Top, Levels, View, ViewRanks, Where, WhoIs, WhoNick, BlockDB, BlockSpeed, InfoSwap, IRCBot, Limit, LowLag, PlayerEdit, Restart, Server, Shutdown, Ban, BanEdit, BanIP, BlockSet, CmdSet, Follow, Freeze, Hide, Highlight, IRCControllers, Joker, Kick, Location, Moderate, MoveAll, Mute, Notes, MyNotes, OHide, P2P, Pass, Patrol, Possess, Report, RS, Review, SetRank, TempBan, TempRank, Trust, Unban, UnbanIP, UndoPlayer, VIP, Voice, Warn, Whitelist, XBan, Zone, ZoneTest, ZoneList, ZoneMark, Ascend, Back, Delay, Descend, FakeRank, Fly, HackRank, Invincible, Kill, Ride, SendCmd, Summon, Timer, TP, TPA, RageQuit, Quit, CrashServer, Hacks, CmdCreate, CmdLoad, CmdUnload, Compile, CompLoad, Plugin, BlockProperties, CopyLvl, DeleteLvl, FixGrass, Goto, Import, Load, Lockdown, Main, Map, Museum, NewLvl, Overseer, Pause, Warp, Waypoint, Physics, RenameLvl, ResizeLvl, Restore, Reload, Save, SetSpawn, Spawn, Unflood, Unload, PerBuild, PerVisit, Impersonate, CustomModel, Accept, Deny, Divorce, Marry, PvP, SafeZone, Weapon, Tool, Block, Potion FOR MULTIPLAYER
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    help when i type these in singleplayer they don't do work
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    Salca, you already got muted on New Blood: Zombie Survival. Don't you think you shouldn't get banned here as well? Please don't distribute hacked clients. FyochezwasTaken was also banned from New Blood for hacking as well. Once again, please don't distribute hacked clients, lets make the game as equal as possible. Thanks.
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    For anyone who has access to the RCA Club server terrain file, could you please send me it? i need access to it to make custom blocks for my os
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    Why are you hacking. Also didn't you say that you were 8? Which means that you donĀ“t make the terms of Service.
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    If you want to be legend, dm from discord and i will give you my hacked client! Btw thanks for source to fyochezWasTaken! My discord: yeet
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