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Kami Blaze - A ClassiCube saga

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scala was BANNED for this post by AndrewPH

Ban Reason: Banned - don't encourage people to download third party clients - 3 days

If you want to be legend, dm from discord and i will give you my hacked client! Btw thanks for source to fyochezWasTaken!

My discord: yeet


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Salca, you already got muted on New Blood: Zombie Survival. Don't you think you shouldn't get banned here as well? Please don't distribute hacked clients. FyochezwasTaken was also banned from New Blood for hacking as well. Once again, please don't distribute hacked clients, lets make the game as equal as possible. Thanks.

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Why are you hacking. Also didn't you say that you were 8? Which means that you don´t make the terms of Service.

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