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  1. There are no rules for that lash. There are many CC users who enjoy posting funny stuff in the forums. Even AndrewPH the owner of Classicube posts things he finds funny in the fourm.
  2. You've got a point but I just found it funny so I posted it.
  3. I did not ask lashednova for a reason why he couldn't spell. He gave me the reason why he could not spell in response to me correcting his spelling.
  4. This is a bizarre reason why you cannot spell.
  5. Says you. I saw you at around 1 pm staring at a wall lol.
  6. Aw bye iuh. We will all miss you
  7. Dads are boomerangs. I hope....
  8. No kidding that's the best server.
  9. In my opinion Python is one of the most easiest programming language to start with however, there are many script errors making it very slow to run code. Also it's memory consumption is a big problem. Overall though it is easy to learn, has more inventive parts and is very productive when trying to code games. I suggest you start with Python!
  10. I would not consider Lash as a good person. And I'd consider my self neutral not "good". Do you agree?
  11. Eh? Godly said be less harsh
  12. Nice! Have you beat animal crossing?
  13. I know there is a Subreddit for this but I would like to ask the ClassicCube Community. So I am a Co Owner of a server (RCA club) and i've deleted a kid's (lashednova) city map a few weeks ago which he worked hard on in response to him misbehaving on my server. Over the past 5 months he has been calling names, spamming in chat, using vulgar language, being rude to staff and others, telling mods (of other servers) to ban me, and etc. I have demoted him after the first 2 months of this headache. However he still continued. I have gave him countless warnings and have used the /warn on him 17 times. I banned him for 7 days but he still was being rude. I threatened to delete his city which he cared most about if he continued to misbehave. He later called me names and threatened to tell everyone on CC that I hack to give me a bad reputation. Another thing he did was he made a hole on my build and told me to clean it as if I was a slave. I got mad after this an banned him for 30 days and deleted his city. When he came back he got very mad at me and tried to prove me as a bad person. After this I banned him for 60 days. So Am I the Asshole???
  14. Look Lash stop living in your delusional world. You came to me telling me Herobine made crosses on your map. I did /b and I was placed by you man. There is no one impersonating you. Like Wtf man. Whatever you are on, crack, heroine just stop.
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