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  1. Hello. I am from the future. Was it really 2 months ago since I left? Anyways, I want to let everybody know how I got on. I found out about SDL, and that's great. I didn't really like Java in the end, so I dropped that off. I don't use Unity, I use MonoGame and occasionally Godot with C#. I've tried out JavaScript (more specifically TypeScript) and I like the syntax. However, creating a game project is a hassle, because I have to set up a web server and stuff. Anyways, I was bored. I may come on ClassiCube for a few days, including today. Note: This post contains the 5000th comment, which is the one right at the top. How lucky of me! Edit: Why am I up and coming?
  2. +++++++++[>++++++++<-]>.>++++++++++[>++++++++++<-]>+.>++++++++++[>++++++++++<-]>++++++++..>+++++++++++[>++++++++++<-]>+.>++++[>++++++++<-]>.>+++++++++++[>++++++++<-]>-.<<<<.+++.<<.--------.>>>>+. Below is some annotated code:
  3. I've kind of faded away from Classicube with boredom. Might come onto the forums every now and again, but I agree. ClassiCube needs something special.
  4. This is sure to attract more players onto the game. People might search up something similar and see this. Probably that's the reason why you did this, or it's for the money, or both.
  5. I care a little bit about function, but I care mostly about the looks. I've got a program which sings "When you just wanna dance, butchya can't, ya gotta believe thatchya can.", written in four different languages. C# looks nicer than Java even though they're similar. Python seems too basic for me and C too complicated. However, I can't do much C# without admin rights on my computer (and I hate that). These programs are filtered using the default filtering algorithms Visual Studio Code uses with its extensions. Here's the code: C#: Java: C : Python: Another thing is that I want to make a game with one of these languages, so C is already out the window because it's hard to set up FreeGlut and other OpenGL stuff. Which looks nicest? I want to know your opinions. I might ask for admin permissions too and start making C# games, probably with FNA, which uses .NET 4 so I might try Unity.
  6. It's easier to understand if you're using something like Visual Studio Code and you are able to rename symbols. Non-obfuscated already got my head scratching, even though I know a bit of C!
  7. Wow. I love that classic freebuild. That stone head is amazing. A little house there too and a bridge. Nice. My italics showed sarcasm. Why would you copy my maps and blocks? I put effort on my maps, and you copied them with no effort at all!
  8. Oh cmon. I would love to join if it wasn't 10pm GMT or 5pm EST. A few people I know can't go into this event, as they're from different parts of the world. Somebody has it on 12am! Would be great if, when this event gets a winner, it should become a CC Saturday/Sunday at an earlier time so everybody can join.
  9. Does eddynet count? It is browser based I believe.
  10. PPP (PHP) OML (XML) (close enough to OMG, right?) Babe is you (Baba is you) (It counts, right? It's technically a game? It's Turing complete, I think! You can make tetris in it!)
  11. I think my server may have broken again. I do not have acces to the administrator accounts on my Windows 10 computer or my router settings. There's this person from Virginia trying to join. At the time of writing this, they've tried to join my server 4 times. I know this because I saw in my console "IP censored for privacy reasons connected to the server" but no "Username connected using Whatever ClassiCube client it is". I used https://www.canyouseeme.org/ with 62083 and it saw my IP. There are no errors in the MCGalaxy console. Please help!
  12. Anyone still able to join? From web client or downloadable executable? My server keeps breaking. Edit: I used https://www.canyouseeme.org/ to see if my port works and it worked. However, in the console, I saw someone with the ip of 52.###.###.### try to join my server twice but failed. None of the people I know quite well on the server have this ip. If you tried to join my server and you're from Virginia, please contact me. Edit 2: It's just a bot.
  13. Just wondering, is Pog Factions like my server's factions? If so, then nice.
  14. WTH is that. WTH do you mean. I don't understand.
  15. Bump. I just want more attention. There are now like 361 blocks and factions has a new look. So... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. Are you working on a client and not a server? What was that screenshot you shown on the first post?
  17. ClassiCool

    Skin Help

    Doesn't have to be a website. At least a painting program that supports transparency. Look for one online or offline. I'd reccommend Paint.NET, and for uploading the skin: Dropbox.
  18. I'm using my computer's own port, 62083. I'm on Windows 10 and Norton is not blocking it.
  19. Oof. I'll try a different port. Edit: IDK why people used to be able to join. Also, how do I see my IP and port?
  20. My server is running A-Ok. No errors inside MCGalaxy. Server also shows up in the server browser.
  21. I think only Youtubers with a sensible enough audience can do this. If ClassiCube attracts too large of an audience, servers would be blocked up.
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