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  1. This is probably already possible without plugins, just maybe in a slightly different way. You can use things like weird min/max values to create some interesting stuff. - Credit to Username1274
  2. Maybe not right now, I'm heading to sleep. Also, you can use Discord for these questions since this can spam up the forums pretty fast. alex?#6443
  3. I don't know of a server that constantly hosts it, you could do it yourself if you know that players are gonna join. As for where I play, New Blood occasionally hosts it when there's a lot of players on. It's also hosted for their anniversaries and one is coming up soon.
  4. I voted for it, it's one of the best MCGalaxy minigames
  5. javascript* also pretty sure that you need a developer license and i doubt that unk would be bothered to pay $5 for it considering that the web client works absolutely fine as it is now
  6. The things being worked on over at PR seem pretty interesting...
  7. People can always make lb textures, it's that they filled up the bottom with nonsense instead of leaving it empty...
  8. aleksb385


    First of all, this is the wrong forum. Second, yes you can curse, but you were being homophobic and straight up disrespectful in this case. P.S. No one snitched on you either, staff was just online and noticed your behaviour. And next time you're joining a server, I highly recommend you read the /rules instead of asking people what you can and can't do.
  9. you shouldn't be expecting a reply from the "creator" of nbzs because: -She left a long time ago -You're on a completely different place Use the correct forums, you can find the link by typing $forum ingame.
  10. aleksb385

    NA2 Ban Appeal

    unless you were muted permanently, it's called patience. otherwise you really fucked up to get yourself permanently muted
  11. This is confusing. Why did you leave the unused bricks, gold block and breaking textures in terrain.png, why did you only give 12 levelblock slots and why did you put your signature in the middle of it?
  12. aleksb385

    Please Help

    Yes! You could start by not using the wrong place, but contacting the server admins instead
  13. Then press escape and just look around the buttons.
  14. Nice racism, also take your drama elsewhere
  15. It takes a single look at the MCGalaxy settings (assuming you're using that) to figure out the answer to almost every recent question of yours posted here.
  16. Maybe, just maybe sound would be added if you stopped bugging the wrong person
  17. ClassiCube only supports a couple of email providers, you can always request the admins to add support for more.
  18. Report them to the staff. If they don't care, then you should stop playing on the server.
  19. You should probably add something like "you can still make and use your own skins from the account page" in the main post, seeing as there's some confusion about the ability to do so already
  20. we would assume you know, considering you were so confident a while ago
  21. either use their still variants or /physics 0
  22. Your server's drama isn't something that I'm bothered about (or anyone is bothered about actually). Talk about it in DMs, no need to take it to the CC forum.
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