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  1. /zone add Spawn <rank> (for example nobody) then mark the area either by breaking the blocks or doing /m if you're on an os map, you should do /os zones add Spawn <rank>
  2. /botadd <name> /nick bot <name> &fFreeBuild /model bot <name> 0 Then you can mess with /modelscale bot <name> Y 1-2 to adjust its height
  3. ummm accccshaully it's aleksb385 not akelsb385
  4. Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
  5. Congratulations on your ban!
  6. It's all up to the community, wait for someone to host a special event or host one yourself :)
  7. write /cmdset pass <rank> in the console
  8. almost none of that is true, minecraft java edition was made in java and windows uses a lot of different languages throughout different elements of itself.
  9. aleksb385


    play more parkour
  10. My existence in general, I've had many regrets throughout it. Probably not being mindful and losing one of my cats though.
  11. You can only remove it for the whole server. set classicube-account-plus to false in server.properties You might have to /infoswap people after that though
  12. Won't ever happen. Here's a tutorial however - https://www.classicube.net/server/host/
  13. would be a shame if all posts were logged on discord
  14. aleksb385


    nobody's holding you at gunpoint to play on the server
  15. then you should probably use a password manager, it's really useful and you should be doing it
  16. aleksb385


    the server is on the classicube website because it's listed there, not because it's official. every server has its own different place for questions, but this isn't it and nobody can help you on here. that's like going to the mojang bug page to report a bug in a mcpe featured server. ps. LOL at you getting mad at andrew for not dealing with something he can't, and nice sexism. also, This could've all been avoided if you used the right place, which you can find a link to by writing $forum on the server. Get over it and grow up.
  17. Why are you stirring up things now? If you don't like me just ignore me. I'm not minimodding, just posting screenshots. And reviving a thread that hasn't been active since the 4th of January is, indeed, necroposting. Chill. The salt here is bigger than the ClassiCube server salt's length.
  18. He's neither, that's why he can't make up a consistent lie
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