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  1. You should go into your email, verify your account (by opening the email from classicube.net and clicking the "Verify" button) then click on the "Play" button on the website. Also, NEVER share your password online.
  2. On servers with custom model support, /help cm should show you the basic commands on how to add and edit a custom model. If you want to add custom model support on your own server, this might help you - https://github.com/NotAwesome2/MCGalaxy-CustomModels
  3. Here's some of my screenshots as well:https://imgur.com/a/MHR4MEe https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7395jjftc87znoz/AAApwavPQGoTONLF58Sc0z4-a
  4. I was originally going to just reply with "What" but now you've decided to push it further, and I thought I'd have some fun. That screenshot is fake. Let's get to why: -The speech bubbles shape is just wrong -It says your name on the top while it's supposed to say the other person's name -The font is absolutely awful, it doesn't look anything like the font used in iMessage -That version of iOS is ancient, indicated by the message box, camera icon, text button, cell signal strength and "Contact" button -The scroll bar is t h i c c and it's at the top - if you were chatting with a friend, I'd assume you had previous conversations? There's someone who probably understands more about this, but this should be enough to debunk your attempt at faking a text message to seek sympathy. For comparison, here's a real screenshot: You can probably tell the difference. Next time actually try to learn your lesson and stop constantly lying and throwing a fit when someone is telling you the truth. Take your time to reflect on your actions, grow up and come back once you're ready. You were the one who got yourself banned from ClassiCube on your original account the IRC, accept it and move on. Another tip - don't share your personal information on the internet, it's very dangerous. I told you this and you promised to change your YouTube channel's name, but when I checked the next day it remained the same.
  5. aleksb385


    "classicoins" do not exist in the game itself as a currency (in fact, there is no currency), however servers are free to name their own currencies however they want. There's plenty of different ways to earn money on servers - perhaps you could ask someone on the server how?
  6. You should talk about that with the staff of Omegabuild, ClassiCube doesn't control what goes on inside the servers hosted on it.
  7. Fallback block means what players see if they dont support custom blocks. It has to be the closest block from 1-65
  8. Your laptop could have some weird keyboard setup or it might be a browser extension, idk
  9. Unfortunately accounts cannot be deleted, just set your email and password to random stuff if you want to make it inaccessible.
  10. cmdautoload.txt exists
  11. /title &4fire &0boy /xnick (or shortname if on NA2) &4az&7bacho&410 Although I wouldn't recommend using &0, since it's too dark. Try something like &8 or check out all the colours by pressing Alt while the chat is opened.
  12. Then probably don't run a server, or rather, use someone else's server as yours
  13. Did you capitalize it properly?
  14. Shouldnt have trusted them in the first place. Try revoking console access if you're using eddynet.
  15. /zone add Spawn <rank> (for example nobody) then mark the area either by breaking the blocks or doing /m if you're on an os map, you should do /os zones add Spawn <rank>
  16. /botadd <name> /nick bot <name> &fFreeBuild /model bot <name> 0 Then you can mess with /modelscale bot <name> Y 1-2 to adjust its height
  17. ummm accccshaully it's aleksb385 not akelsb385
  18. Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
  19. Congratulations on your ban!
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