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  1. This "feature" is long gone since ClassicalSharp and hasn't even been implemented in ClassiCube, and likely won't ever be
  2. Have you by any chance put ClassiCube into the Program Files folder? If so, move it somewhere else or spend 10 hours figuring out how to fix the permissions. Managing permissions in Program Files is absolute hell.
  3. I'm not sure why you're expecting to be able to run an entire server if you can't navigate through files...? Find the MCGalaxy download link on https://classicube.net/server/host, unzip it in a folder and run MCGalaxy.exe (or the CLI version optionally). Basic further instructions can be found on https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy and more in-depth stuff can be found if you search around the forums.
  4. Inside the .zip you can find on the link from the original post
  5. Texture packs cannot have custom blocks by themselves - you'd have to define them in a server, or download a world with defined custom blocks and load it into singleplayer or import it onto a server.
  6. If a server is highlighted, it means that the ClassiCube administration considers it more unique than the rest of the servers, either because of a certain gamemode it offers or something else that's noteworthy enough to make it different to other servers
  7. make useful and helpful posts instead of ones like this
  8. In that case, maybe you need to follow a specific set of instructions to open a port on your router. A useful site to use is https://portforward.com/, but do not purchase any software shown there. Some ISPs just (b)lock access to the router configuration page so you'll be completely out of luck. For example, I can't access mine, so my server is ran from a VPS I'm renting.
  9. Are you expecting to be able to join a server you didn't port forward? If it's a local server, you can connect via direct connect, follow the instructions on MCGalaxy's GitHub page. If you want others to connect, you'd have to port forward.
  10. 1. in properties/server.properties you'll find something about it, set it to true 2. properties/ranks.properties 3. /pervisit <level> +username
  11. Keep in mind that alts are often easily detectable by server staff and they will not let you play for too long on a server your main account is banned on
  12. custom blocks ≠ custom textures, if your friend wants blocks you should either give them the file from /blockdefs or have them save the map and import it to their server. As for the link to the textures, /mi env
  13. Note: Since Discord relay support was added to MCGalaxy natively, you might be better off just using its built-in relay bot instead of routing messages through IRC. More information on how to set that up can be found here: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy/wiki/Discord-relay-bot
  14. Go on a server and look for them, some servers provide modern MC textures. Keep in mine that they're redistributing Minecraft assets which they aren't really allowed to, but you likely won't get in trouble
  15. Make your own blocks using the amazing /gb or /lb commands, don't steal others' work
  16. /map motd -fly -noclip +speed /ra grass lava
  17. /help zone. More specifically, /zadd <name> <build permission>. You could set the world's permission to the default player rank and allow them to use /zone by using /cmdset zone <rank>, but it can be abused very easily. Would be better if you let players have their own /os realms. You can do that by going into properties/ranks.properties and changing the overseer worlds limit (maybe it's worded differently, idk) to whatever you want. Then, ingame, do /cmdset overseer <rank>. That way, every player can have their own realm which they have full control over. I'm pretty sure solid blocks won't work as killer blocks. You'd either have to put nerve_gas above the grass, make the grass have collide 0 (/lb edit 2 collide 0), or enable survival death with falling (not recommended, a bit buggy). Ask around ingame, on the forums or on Discord, use /help, look at past discussions on the forums. For more technical stuff look at the source code if needed.
  18. It might be too late to respond by now, but fuck it, I'll do it anyway. I pretty much 100% agree with Goodly here, but I'd like to say a few other things. Deleting someone's build is pretty dumb as a punishment for their behaviour and will just make them dislike you more. If they are misbehaving, you have the appropriate moderation tools to stop them from continuing. I would personally have taken advantage of /mute, /tempban or even /ban. If you seriously could not come to a good decision after 17 warns and still managed to let them fuck up more, should you even be moderating a server? What about the other staff, did they not react at all? You should've asked them for advice too. And no, don't give them more chances. If someone was being an asshole, had 17 warnings and was banned for 30 days, don't unban them after 3 because they begged you for it on another server. This is just recipe for disaster. You felt threatened by some kid telling you that they'll "tell everyone on CC that [you] hack to give [you] a bad reputation", when in reality, nobody on this game really cares about these kinds of things unless it's very severe and can be backed up by proof...? Also, "hacking" can be defined in many ways, so it wasn't even clear what they were actually intending to do (spoiler alert: because they weren't going to do anything either way). I would've personally shrugged off a threat like that. Making a hole on your build can count as griefing, you should fix it using /ua and give them the appropriate punishment (not yet another warn though) instead of entertaining their behaviour ("told [you] to clean it as if [you were] a slave"). Threatening someone to delete their build overall gives your server and your staff team a really bad reputation if it's their own original build that isn't just a modification (grief) of another. You should always be respectful to your players regardless of their behaviour, and never threaten them with things like that. If you think you can't continue being respectful to a certain player after what they've done, once again, use the moderation tools available. They're there for a reason. As for them going to other servers and telling mods to ban you, that is just petty. If someone does ban you over baseless accusations like that, then the server probably isn't worth your time either way. Thanks for reading, I hope this was at least a little bit helpful. If we're going for reddit style: ESH.
  19. Yep, that is definitely a Discord webhook. Put its URL in line 33. Even better, wait for proper Discord integration to come out in MCGalaxy (should be soon) so you don't have to bother with setting up the plugin if it isn't working for you.
  20. Pretty sure webhooks are meant for discord and not IRC, and you are supposed to create them from a channel's "Integrations" menu. Which plugin are you trying to add?
  21. MCDzienny has no support for CPE (the Classic Protocol Extension), something which custom blocks are a part of, so you can't add custom blocks on it at all.
  22. It's not even the hint, the riddle is too far easy and was also copied from the internet as pointed out by someone else.
  23. 26 is the number of Iron (Fe), the 28th is Nickel (Ni) so the murderers are Felice and Nicolas. Creative but far too easy
  24. If you want to take the texture, modify it to your liking then put it back on the server, you'd have to write /mi env, then click on the link which shows up. Download the texture pack (it'll either be a .zip or .png) and extract it if it's the former. Then, modify terrain.png using an image editor (like GIMP or Paint.Net) and save it. If the original texture pack was a .zip, take all the files and archive them again. Once you archived your modified terrain.png together with the rest of the textures, find a file hosting website. This can be dropbox, put.nu, catbox.moe or others. Upload the texture pack and select permament for the storage option (if the file host you're using lets you pick). Once you've uploaded the texture pack, copy its link, join the server, create a new realm using /os map add, then go to that realm using /os go, then do /os map texturezip <URL>. You will now have your modified textures on your map. Hope this helps. If you want to modify the map you mentioned in your post itself but don't have the permissions to change its textures, you should either follow Goodly's answer or go to that map, check its size with /mi, resize your personal realm to that size, then do /copy and /ma on that map, then go to yours and do /paste and /m 0 0 0. This should copy the blocks of the map over to your realm.
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