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  1. oh so you arn't suppost to be up at night? thats what it feels like
  2. wow 10/10 would like this to happen again
  3. dude, im 16. don't back sas me, because i am way more mature. in fact, shouldn't you be doing work?
  4. i would very much like to see Classicube on the switch.
  5. HA THE TITLE no super powers at all. im fine the way i am.
  6. Just putting it out. Downloading requires a account, but It's free, Along with just listening (does not require Account) https://www.audiotool.com/user/nemokitty9/tracks
  7. I thought i said xp too when i had a chance.....
  8. NOOOOOOOOOO Not Awesome 2 Populaton: -1 :(
  9. Looks like he used a text corrupter. I know because i used it on one of my projects. HOW IS THIS ALLOWED THO?
  10. thanks, but i was also thinking about windows xp.
  11. I agree. That is so cheap it's unreal. or is it??
  12. If i were to use stuff like MCGALAXY, what would be like system threshhold limits, and how good of a cpu or somthing i need, i used to have remote access to a windows xp 32 bit Pentium computer, thats the closest of a server i had, i believe it had under half of 1 gig of memory. it wasn't originally mine, so i knew i couldn't keep it. any way for me to use the software on linux? i am so lost in questions, that.. I'm LOST In A Spining Disaster Of... Questions! *Figuratively Sorry not really goneto muchof topic off question
  13. i don't even know what that is? even if i did, why would you assume i play dat?
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