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  1. It’s looking really good! Keep up the good work and I hope to see it soon.
  2. You’re posting in the wrong part of the forum, this is for tutorials, not for random posts, I don’t understand how this is a tutorial, please think before you post
  3. I can’t wait to see it! Though I’m not the best at parkour so you will have to be patient 😩 good luck 🤞 @Swoozy
  4. The more you know about yourself, the better😃
  5. jviteo2005


    It’s okay but I’m pretty sure you have asked on na2 before and have gotten the same exact answer. Just remember to pay attention 😃
  6. jviteo2005


    If you read /faq in na2 it would tell you staff positions are invite only, asking will make you less likely to be chosen as staff, so there are no applications
  7. jviteo2005

    plz help me

    /Os map perbuild -player Or /zone perbuild zonename -player /Os zones (for your overseer map)
  8. Use /kill hanpy explosion When the explosion argument is added it causes an explosion @hanpy
  9. Jumping on buttons is really annoying, I really try not to give up and I will try my hardest to get past the difficult parts but I would say like after 30-40 tries I would usually rest for a while lmao
  10. We don’t know unless you tell us how it happened, you’re giving us zero context that’s not helpful
  11. Do you have the crash logs to show perhaps?
  12. Do you think people really read the terms of service? Especially illiterate children? I think not. Though you are correct, no one bothers to read them.
  13. Perhaps don’t have a server, if you can’t do simple things like configure rules or enforce them, you really shouldn’t have a server.
  14. Do you mean “Scene”? Also it’s just lava floating in the air
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