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  1. I was wondering If There will ever be any support for plugins like Cef or Chatsounds for mobile interface and If it even IS possible.
  2. I have no reason to use it, so I would discard it, after all why would a minor need to use a gun?
  3. Depends on what type of "gun", If it was a water gun I would wreak havoc upon my family. squirting them left and right with juices with unknown origin
  4. We usually dont get a christmas tree because of the mess. we got one a couple of times but the Pine needles are so annoying to clean up.
  5. You need to change the motd to turn off hax on your own level, do /os map motd -hax Note: You wont be able to do it if you aren't the realm owner of that certain map, but if you have access to /map (which allows you to edit map options on any level) You can do /map motd -hax
  6. My mother always made cinnamon buns for Christmas while we opened presents, then we would drive up north to see family and have fun. What are you guys going to be doing and what do you usually do for christmas?
  7. I personally like to Watch horror movies and eat Ice cream. but what cheers you up when you are feeling down?
  8. I did but it is hard. I just think that it should be made easier with an app I did but I think they should make a mobile version that is easier to use🤷‍♂️
  9. I think that classicube should make a mobile app because not everybody has computers. I do but I don’t always have it so. Is there any way that you can make it easier to play mobile?
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