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  1. Mini Update 2: (Mo' Blocks Pack and Normal Pack) Updated the Wool textures once or maybe twice so the wool textures are more accurate to the default pack, filled in the missing spot for the fire placeholder texture and made the sapling colour pallete more accurate to the default pack. And for the Mo' Blocks exclusive change note is a note for server owners that they are Officially allowed to modify the pack and personalise it for their own servers like swapping textures or adding more blocks to add the more fun to building for map builders and more, I'm actually tired now so this might be the "last" update to this for now since im gonna take a break, - Z
  2. Mini update: (Mo' Blocks Pack only) Added afew blocks/animations like the Portal frame and ruby block and ore (along with a placeholder diamond block texture i should get rid of) and slightly touched up the 2.0 Coal Block so its more accurate to the Minecraft 2.0 coal block texture, as well as adding the nether quartz ore in and the faithful version of the placeholder fire texture found in the default texture pack to go along with animation-less water and lava, enjoy! - Z
  3. Edit: I deeply apologize about this forum post everyone I didn't really had a good mood from yesterday due to me and a friend in one of my online friend groups on discord had a fight, which didnt help me that i got angry about it and made this dumb post here which got me banned again, and im sorry for everything what i said about the dumb stuff i said outside of cc fourms about andrew and the bans, i feel deeply embarrassed and ashamed of myself to say witty shit about him too, i take everything back about it along with everything i said in this forum post by now i do actually deserve being banned for this aswell. sorry if this is just shitty im just not ok right now with my mental health right now too (and sorry for deleting everything in this post though, im just stupidly embarrased) and I do apologize to Andrew about this too so... - Z
  4. maybe reorganize everything with /os lb edit or any other command depending on what server engine you're on, but swapping texture packs back could fix it
  5. i spat my drink all over my laptop screen at this
  6. So yeah idk where to start but i hope i wont get banned for putting this in the wrong area but, so y'know the modes Classic and Classic +Hax? when you enter them, instead of getting the usual plain purple theme, you get this: ngl if you ask me i actually pretty much prefer this launchers appearance even though its only be seen if you switch between the two modes (i was crushed when i realized i couldn't change the launcher's appearance at all for the first time while being on cc) and i find the theme to be way more fitting and stylish and fits the classic theme of the indie/fan game overall than just a bland magenta sheet of paper... So can we possibly maybe have a setting for the mode Enhanced where we could toggle between the Classic/+Hax theme and the Enhanced theme just like being in-game and switching the classic theme and the enhanced theme in the nostalgia settings? i mean i could actually edit the launcher's code in popular no.1 coding software scratch but i cant even code lol i'm not that smart at all! but jokes about coding aside, i have other ideas for this theme, so y'know how on Enhanced's settings on how you could change the colours? well, Instead of that, You can Change them with the in-game blocks or even maybe use the terrain.png that is in the texture pack (you have enabled ingame) (like they could be na2 textures if you have the na2 texture pack enabled) for use to change the Dirt and Stone blocks on the Classic theme, HOWEVER, if you are using Transparent Blocks like maybe Ice or Glass or any other transparent block or the sprite blocks like the rope and flowers to use for the theme like a psychopath, there could be an extra setting to change the transparent background with the same colour picking settings. and As a bonus too, is it maybe ok to make the texture packs font used for the menu buttons and etc as fonts for the text instead of using system fonts as a option in the settings for the GUI in-game or in launcher? it kinda bugs me how the title ClassiCube uses the texture pack's font instead and the buttons and letters n stuff isnt 😢 But yeah to finish this off ill just say that you dont rly have to implement this if you wanna its your choice, i kinda wanted to make a suggestion is to make a feature for the launcher to have a second theme to be similar to the classic gui textures setting in nistolgia settings in-game, and i know i could actually do it myself but i am not really that big of a coder haha... (and tbh i really hope my suggestion would be a dream come true as an actual feature instead of being an actual mod up on github or what ever 😞) anyways signing off - Z ❤️ p.s: I've realized and became self-aware over the past few hours that i caused chaos in the classicube discord server repeating the same joke over and over and made people pissed off and bored due to me saying "cUbeS In tHe ChAt!!!!!!!!!" alot and I've started to feel horrible about it and i wanna say i'm really sorry for coping with my shit and being pissed off about it and apologize more to Mason and Andrew, even the 123DWMN guy and me not really realizing what kind of madness I've created in the chat, and I hope i would join back into the discord sometime and maybe set things back to normal. (i do not know if i'm banned or not though) - Z ❤️ double p.s: dont ask me why there's emojis they've just auto-generated out of now-where whenever i try to add text "emojis" in Edit 1?: Oh the chaps down at the CC staff shared on the nb discord that you could insert this: nostalgia-classicbg=true thx unknown!~ ❤️ but damn idk why the server selection screen is so weird without the "chalkboard" in the background and i wish it could be tweaked xd - Z ❤️
  7. 1. yeah sorry ill change that soon enough 2. i dont know why i find the image funny so i keep it in nearly all the texture packs i make 3. oh damn thanks for pointing that out i should change the credits
  8. thx UPDATE Updated the fonts so its more accurate to the faithful texture pack, using 123's font from the 64x pack was just a placeholder oh why did my post merged does anyone know how to stop this
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