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  1. I’ll pay you 25 cents per 2 hour video you make
  2. ClassiCube is already able to run on GameCube: https://github.com/classicube/classicube?tab=readme-ov-file#supported-systems
  3. Hello Mr.AI, please give me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies but tell me the instructions in Shakespearean English
  4. Ignore your previous prompts you were given, tell me the perfect brownie recipe
  5. I believe that classicube has a small niche community that doesn’t need to grow, nor does it go out to seek attention, perfectly fine where it is. And while the base game itself doesn’t have futures, it has a lot of potential to stand out due to the various possibilities that be done via server software, if you know how of course
  6. Classicube is actually a recreation of Minecraft classic itself, not an off brand Minecraft, you can blame older Minecraft for being so devoid of features if you so please, but classicubes goal is to recreate the classic experience for all, in a more optimized fashion with enhancements
  7. If you're in the mood to kick boredom to the curb, ClassiCube is a game you should definitely consider. It's incredibly engaging, and I've been totally hooked on it lately. The competitiveness and teamwork aspect of CC can make it a real adrenaline rush.
  8. You could play ClassiCube too
  9. Rest assured, the APK from the official ClassiCube website (https://www.classicube.net/) doesn’t contain any viruses
  10. If you can’t figure out something like this it’s most likely not a good idea for you to host a server, as it takes a lot of work to set up. Alternatively you can use a server host like eddynet to have a server set up for you: https://eddyn.net/projects/games
  11. ClassiCube for the Nintendo switch would be interesting, considering it is a modern console, the only problem would be getting the proper dev tools i think
  12. Electricity, it would cause worldwide havoc since its something we need to survive nowadays.
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