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  1. *tells even more terrible joke*
  2. I'm wondering, because every time i try to close the forums (on the website in a sort of window that is not a regular browsing window) I get this code. Please help
  3. Cytus 2, maybe Cytus (don't know, as I can't play it).
  4. @hee_man I'd like to add a few new skins (all of the same character, yet if you allow, of alternate timelines) Ekari Saihoki (Beta Timeline) Ekari Saihoki (Alpha Timeline) Ekari Saihoki (Infdev Timeline)
  5. For me, it's any game with a ton of microtransactions that are required to proceed in the game.
  6. Would this be NSFW? just wondering (btw, the under layer is not seen usually.)
  7. PSO2, Minecraft, DanganRonpa, DCUO, and Untitled Goose Game
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