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  1. Hi.Have you ever wonederd how to make a server in classicube and set up everything.Well first you'll need McGalxy.Then you should set yourself Owner.To do that go to players.Then if your in the game which is always in the Mcaglxy chat,go to your name.Go to ranks and set your self to SuperOp.Then set up the main and there you go.Have fun!
  2. Who likes Classicube and has a school laptop.I SAID i'll be helpful so I diescided that you guys might like to do some minecraft,not that I think that Classicube is bad in fact,i think that the owner of the web did a great job Making the web.Type Download 1.5.2 Minecraft.Then click on the first link or the one that says Minecraft 1.5.2 Download-Unblocked Minecraft Download.Have fun!
  3. I feel bad for her.She is new to the web.That's why she probaly did that.Just to inform you guys that you guys should come to her server.
  4. I have started a new contect in irc called #landoe's help server.If you need help with server plomblems or anything else post there and i'll try to respawn.The besttime to come is in the mornings in weekends(Not all the time),and Afternoons on Weekdays.Thanks,hope this helps you ploblems!
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