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  1. Well clearly from the post about a week ago, the people just click through it, and yes they should, but it does not mean they do.
  2. I have been seeing a lot of people asking about Survival and Survival test, asking if this website has it or not. Now I am no staff or admin but I want to lay this straight in a few simple words, Yes but no We do not have the real survival or survival test, but we do have something like that that a player has created with one of Goodly's plugins, but that is it's own thing, not related to Minecraft survival, I would say its Classicube survival. Make sure you separate those two, classicube is a game that is like minecraft but it is not totally minecraft That is the best way I can explain it. Now admins don't ban me, I was just giving words of advice to the new players
  3. Cyan


    Very stonks. *Claps in international sign language*
  4. What do you guys mean! Epic Legends Survival!
  5. This reminds me of when some people hosted a first ever CC PVP server. and you know what that one actually was cool until they shut it down.
  6. I agree with the above, why sign up for something you don't know anything about? its like when Shrek signed the paper that Rumpelstiltskin gave him as a contract, then tricked him by putting something in the contract, i don't need to explain anymore than that.
  7. Rate what? the skin, your font? what?
  8. If it keeps on displaying that message, It might mean the following The computer you are on blocked connections to that IP The server is down, maybe updating the server you are reaching for is having technical issues on their end the server shut down - the last one is not likely because it is still on the server list
  9. Honestly I'm tired of everyone talking about this, its stupid, its just another brick in the wall of battle royale shows and games, except they made it a death game. Tet, if you want to make something successful, stop using the handbook and make something outside the box.
  10. I mean there is 2 survival servers but they are their own thing, not much like the survival test. why has this popped up twice in the forums this week?
  11. Actually the server had some glitch, goodly shut it down, then later he released the plugin for it. The only public survival server is epic legends so go play that.
  12. Tbh I staffed at one of Polices servers in the past. the reason you can't play the server anymore is because he is not a good owner, nor admin. I would not want him anywhere near or in my staff list if I owned a server.
  13. especially for how old those posts are, 1 or 2 of those players I believe were banned for being too young.
  14. Hey its raining outside, though I have no fucks to give, so lets pray that it rains one so I can give it to you.
  15. There is a type of fungus (Ophiocordyceps) that takes over ants by putting spores on it and penetrating its exoskeleton. Then it takes over the ant and makes a zombie ant.
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