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  1. Hello liberals, Don't listen to this fake mod. I own NA2 so I would know these kinds of plebs, they do it all the time. Andrew is not real either so don't believe him.
  2. That city is just a desert town in Arizona. maybe you could see your email logins recently? or general activity?
  3. well I know a lot of players who play on chrome, but most of them turn toxic with the right amount of 12 year old
  4. Cyan

    i need help

    I do believe it may be the fact that you are on a administrated WIFI. This means they block most ip's except the most basic ones, but not to worry just wait until you are at home or play single-player.
  5. Yes separate the community into players and then those things on chromebooks. Ahh, only happens here on the fourms. Note: Even though I play on chromebook I would absolutely separate them too, they are just a different breed of Neanderthal
  6. Cyan


    Oh this is sooo sad
  7. Cyan


    Why do you care? you know instead of playing video games most people have this special thing called WORK. Now I know this may be a hard topic for you Theedsville brain to understand but it means we can't play all the time. Edit: Sorry this message was a little bit aggressive
  8. Cyan

    Cool Seeds

    Fly to the ship on the outside of main, land on it, it will teleport you to a map. BOOM, best series on NA2
  9. An IP address may reveal you location, but since we are all fat asses I don't think anyone will show up at your door. Though I do agree there has been a few ploys and decoys on classicube *Cough Cough People being tricked into giving console Cough Cough* Thats just general stupidity
  10. Valentines day: February 14th I don't know what your doin on January 14th, but you do you bud
  11. I Agree with this post, but ever since classicube has became an actually google recommendation they have changed it
  12. Cyan

    server name

    You could message Andrew or Shadows, just don't bother goodly he probably has a lot of stuff to do
  13. Cyan

    server name

    I have an idea on how to fix it maybe, but I would rather someone who 100% knows how to fix it tell you
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