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My unban appeal for my old account.

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I understand that i got banned for breaking classicube rules, aka "not supporting LGBTQIA+", but is there a unban appeal, if not please make one, please classicube staff ya'll are great and i like everyone of you and ya'll are doing great job! i just want a second chance, my account "MrPropper" got banned and i cant log in anymore, its not like i hate "LGBTQIA+" for no reason, well im muslim and if i support "LGBTQIA+" it will be a sin, i just want to have fun in my friend server without "trans, gay, bisexaul etc..." people bothering us and building thier flags everywhere, i understand that they are people and should be treated like normal people, but i cant with my religion, im sadly very religious and i cant get over it, i just want to have a second chance because everyone deserve a second chance, i will treat them as normal people this time, please just do not ban this account and actually respond to me.

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Howdy MrPropper,

Your account has been disabled by the administration team for excessive use of hate speech and doxing players joining your server by publicly releasing their IP addresses. Unfortunately we do not appeal ClassiCube bans at this time so your account(s) will remain disabled in addition to your server being hidden from the public server list. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to message me directly on these forums or contact one of the Site Admins on Discord.

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