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  1. I understand that i got banned for breaking classicube rules, aka "not supporting LGBTQIA+", but is there a unban appeal, if not please make one, please classicube staff ya'll are great and i like everyone of you and ya'll are doing great job! i just want a second chance, my account "MrPropper" got banned and i cant log in anymore, its not like i hate "LGBTQIA+" for no reason, well im muslim and if i support "LGBTQIA+" it will be a sin, i just want to have fun in my friend server without "trans, gay, bisexaul etc..." people bothering us and building thier flags everywhere, i understand that they are people and should be treated like normal people, but i cant with my religion, im sadly very religious and i cant get over it, i just want to have a second chance because everyone deserve a second chance, i will treat them as normal people this time, please just do not ban this account and actually respond to me.
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