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Help me with GoodlyEffects plugin


Hey guys. I need help setting up the Goodly Effects plugin. When I try to /pcompile it I get this error message:
Error #CS1729 on line 115 - The type `MCGalaxy.ItemPerms' does not contain a constructor that takes `3' arguments
Warning #CS0618 on line 265 - `MCGalaxy.Config.Json.Serialise(System.IO.TextWriter, MCGalaxy.ConfigElement[], object)' is obsolete: `Use JsonWriter instead'
Compilation error. See logs/errors/compiler.log for more information.

I tried a few things to try to resolve the issue. For example, changed some components in lines 115 (like null to a perm number) and tried just to remove the word null in general.

If anyone is out there that could help I would greatly appreciate it.
Have a good day, and Happy New years
Goodly Effects Github - MCGalaxy-Plugins/GoodlyEffects.cs at master · ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins · GitHub
My server - JokaCraft Network

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The plugin has been broken since MCGalaxy and nobody has bothered to fix it. But if you want it fixed now you simply go to line 115 and remove the part that says null, null and make it be like this "ItemPerms(LevelPermission.Operator)"

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