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  1. lol, I forgot about you Can you get on right now?
  2. Hi everybody! Myself and Turtle created a NEW minigame, called CastleWars! In short it is a combination of CTF, PVP, and PARKOUR. It REALLY fun, and I suggest you try it out! (Turtle and myself spent 2 hours straight playing the game, lol) Anyways to get started on this game go to the DeadNova server and type /castlewars to join! Cya in the game BYE Server - DeadNova Network
  3. Thank you so much for contributing to the DeadNova server! I signed up and I cant wait to start building! (P.S check /i when you get to log on)
  4. Hopefully someone makes a plugin for actually walking mob AI
  5. 16 people signed up but only 2 showed up, I think most people forgot about the tournament, or had last minute plans.
  6. Can I get download link?
  7. REMINDER: If you haven't signed up for the DeadNova PVP Tournament, sign up NOW!!! The Deadline to sign up is 4/7/2022!!! The event is on 4/8/2022 Time: 4:30 PM EST Sign-up link: https://forms.gle/9PJshi8PE34E3rFU6 Server: DeadNova on server list Thank you fro your time, and i hope to see you there!
  8. The Server is here: Play - ClassiCube.net
  9. Hello! So, on the DeadNova server we are going to host a Pvp tournament with a prize of 100,000 coins! if you want to join sign up here: https://forms.gle/HD17buzhzzoJnbcN9 Prizes: 1st Place: 100,000 Coins + Rank up 2nd Place: 50,000 Coins + Rank up 3rd Place 20,000 Coins + Custom Nick 4th Place 10,000 Coins 5th Place 5,000 Coins NOTE: There are only 32 slots, so sign up NOW!!!
  10. I just type 3 words, then i got muted. I did not do anything smh
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