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  1. Hey guys. I need help setting up the Goodly Effects plugin. When I try to /pcompile it I get this error message: Error #CS1729 on line 115 - The type `MCGalaxy.ItemPerms' does not contain a constructor that takes `3' arguments Warning #CS0618 on line 265 - `MCGalaxy.Config.Json.Serialise(System.IO.TextWriter, MCGalaxy.ConfigElement[], object)' is obsolete: `Use JsonWriter instead' Compilation error. See logs/errors/compiler.log for more information. I tried a few things to try to resolve the issue. For example, changed some components in lines 115 (like null to a perm number) and tried just to remove the word null in general. If anyone is out there that could help I would greatly appreciate it. Have a good day, and Happy New years ----------------------------- Goodly Effects Github - MCGalaxy-Plugins/GoodlyEffects.cs at master · ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins · GitHub My server - JokaCraft Network
  2. OR, you could press "esc" on your keyboard, then go to "Save level", Enter a name, then save it to your "maps" folder. Once this is done go to the website "put.nu" upload it, On the other server do /import (link). This may take a long time to get done, because you aer doing them one at a time. But If I can do it, so can you!
  3. That Idea is cool, but you might have to think about all the plugins u need. A easier way may be to force everyone to use the CEF plugin Located ---> here
  4. Wow, I never knew it would end like this. Technoblade. My favorite content creator. Even though im sad, and most of you are sad also. We have to remember he is safe somewhere else, Heaven. Because, "Legends never die". and "Legends will never be missed" Keep Techno in your hearts. We love him.
  5. lol, this is funny forget about this post - the game is broken and hardly functions.
  6. Hi. We got Bedwars in development! Bc we built different. We should finish around FRIDAY. CYA
  7. lol, this is funny Its funny how, barely anyone wants a free 10 bucks lol
  8. Hi guys! Its me, Javiplayz from the DeadNova network! If you have seen my last post, you probably know about the house building challenge. If not, here is the link to it: Click here for first post. Well Im here to tell you that we have updated the prizes, and first place will be getting REAL money. The first place prize will be $10 dollars. 1st - $10 USD Paypal 2nd - 10k Tokens 3rd - 5k tokens 4th- Mentioned 5 - Mentioned Good luck to all that entered and is going to enter! (How to join is in the origanal post) - Click here for original post
  9. DeadNova Luxury Home Building Contest Hi everyone! I am happy to see the success from our last building event! We had 15 people submit a build! Well guys what? We are hosting another one! Again, on the DeadNova Network. Here are a few details you might want to know before entering! How do I sign up? - All you need to do is log on the server and click the "Events" bot. Or you can type the command /goto housecontest. This will take you to the map. Once on there, ask an online Admin/ Moderator to hook you up to an assigned plot, wait patiently to be add. (if an admin isn't online type in chat "/send Javi I need to be added to a plot on the contest") , then we should add you to a plot, in 2-4 hours of you sending the message. Can I work with my someone? - No, this contest is Solo only! We may have more contest, later in the summer where u can work together. When is the deadline for this contest - You can sign up whenever you want. The end of this contest is June 24, 2022. Grading will start around 5:00 PM. I am grading on the following elements. 1. Originality/Creativity - Make something new or something clever. 2. Accuracy - Be sure your build fits the theme. 3. Overall Design - Good grades will be given to builds that are pleasing overall. If something in your build distracts me from the rest of it, it will receive a poor grade. How do I grade it? - Well I do an overall grading system, which is out of 10 points. If you build received over a 6.5 then you move on to the next round. Then I revote again. I try to be un-biased in every way possible. What are the prizes for the winners? 1st place gets - Free Rank-up and 15,000 coins 2nd place gets - 10,000 coins 3rd place gets - 5,000 coins 4th place gets - 2,500 coins 5th place gets - 500 coins
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