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How to get webhook URL for a channel on esper.net


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i was trying to add venks plugin to my server but i don't know how to get the web hook URL on esper.net i tried searching the web on how to get it but no usefull answers so im now asking the people of ClassiCube for help if you know how to get the URL Dm me or just reply.



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Pretty sure webhooks are meant for discord and not IRC, and you are supposed to create them from a channel's "Integrations" menu. Which plugin are you trying to add?

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2 minutes ago, aleksb385 said:

Yep, that is definitely a Discord webhook. Put its URL in line 33.

Even better, wait for proper Discord integration to come out in MCGalaxy (should be soon) so you don't have to bother with setting up the plugin if it isn't working for you.

ok alex dm me webhook for my discord server if your not busy i dont have access to discord atm

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