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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All I thought I'd start a thread to find out about all the great work that's happened to create Classicube Plugins out there in the world? So come on... Hit me up! What's the Plugin called? What does it do... What miracle does it create in our ClassiCube Blockiverse? Is it available to share on other servers? If it is where can we find it? If you've installed somebody else's Plugin what was it like to work with? OR Are you planning on creating a Plugin and want to ask people what they'd like to see in it? OR Do you wish there was a Plugin for............. What would it be and what magical things would it do in your Realm? Let's hear about all things PLUGIN!
  2. I play CC on my Chromebook's browser, and lately it hasn't been saving my settings (controls, graphics, et cetera). It's only been doing this for the past couple of days, and it gets annoying when I have to reset my customized controls every time I return to the game. Is there something wrong with the network, or am I missing something? Like I said, it's only been the past couple of days. It used to save them just fine when I switched servers and such.
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