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  1. Thanks for that... Is there any documentation anywhere about how to import a CW file into McGalaxy ?
  2. Hi @Rubiktor012 I'm a newbie to all of this so can you tell me what a .cw file is? Is this a client extension or is it something you add to a server? How do you use it? TIA Steve
  3. WOW! That's a great starting point I'll go have a look at them... Thanks for the contribution to the thread!
  4. Hi All I thought I'd start a thread to find out about all the great work that's happened to create Classicube Plugins out there in the world? So come on... Hit me up! What's the Plugin called? What does it do... What miracle does it create in our ClassiCube Blockiverse? Is it available to share on other servers? If it is where can we find it? If you've installed somebody else's Plugin what was it like to work with? OR Are you planning on creating a Plugin and want to ask people what they'd like to see in it? OR Do you wish there was a Plugin for............. What would it be and what magical things would it do in your Realm? Let's hear about all things PLUGIN!
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