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  1. Xtc_creeper


    It asked me for a login code Ooh it works but every time i type in my password it makes me retype it over and over again. Its Really ticking me off.
  2. Xtc_creeper


    should it have let me by now?
  3. Xtc_creeper


    wait so i just wait and it will let me play multiplayer??
  4. Xtc_creeper


    i always play on this computer, my laptop.
  5. Xtc_creeper


    how do i verify my classicube account? it wont let me into servers! ive clicked the link in the email i got several times but nothing has changed! Help?
  6. hi everybody. I realize you've probably heard enough of me babbling on, so this is my last post for the time being. I just wanted to thank all the members of the classicube team for being so hard working and making the game what it is today. I understand that even though I might get banned for this post, I just wanted unknown shadow, and the rest, like andrewph(I understand that he's not real, but #1 I don't believe that, & #2 it just wouldn't feel right NOT mentioning his name) I just wanted to thank you guys and say I'm grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
  7. I challenge everyone to make the CRAZIEST texture pack they possibly can! some ideas include: upside down. mob heads only the green on a grass block, the blothes on ore, the books on a bookshelve, or the leaves of a sapling, things like that. PLEASE DONT BAN ME i did not know where to put this.
  8. I know this has promptly NOTHING TO DO with classicube or classicraft, but you guys were the only smart people i could think of! I have been trying to find an up to date or even an old copy of the morph mod bu iChun for Minecraft Pocket Edition/Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Can Anyone Help??????
  9. im currently using mcedit version so i hope that helps but i just cant figure it out!!
  10. yah its a mob texture pack how bad does the murderer hurt your head? here is another moremodels texpack its called Xtc_creepers Custom Texture pack Xtc_creepers Custom Texture Pack.zip
  11. number 1 is called: The Texture pack that will Murder your sanity and number 2 is called: Agent 404 Agent 404 Texture Pack.zip The Texture Pack That Will Murder Your Sanity.zip i will put my new ones soon and by the way make sure you have MoreModels plugin!
  12. Xtc_creeper


    how do i edit the template
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