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  1. Yes It uses Intel Atom Z3745 and integrated HD Graphics which is supported by mesa And it's about the same performance as the HD Graphics in Ivy Bridge and Haswell
  2. Both of these are built and run, but when I click Singleplayer the application (not the whole screen) flashes completely black for a second and then nothing happens ClassiCube is built with -lexecinfo And ClassiCube2 is built with -DCC_BACKTRACE_BUILTIN
  3. Installed libexecinfo-1.1-r1.apk , libexecinfo-dev-1.1-r1.apk and libexecinfo-static-1.1-r1.apk with Alpine Linux 3.16 because it was the last release that contained them and now
  4. I wrote that no: But some people on earlier releases of Alpine encountered this problem and solved it by installing these packages from the repository It is logical to assume that they were in older versions and now they were removed for some reason
  5. I have postmarketOS 23.06 installed which is based on Alpine Linux 3.18 on the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX It is a x86 tablet and I use the OS for x86_64 and this distribution uses musl, not glibc and not gnu core utils, but busybox If you try to run the latest release from the website it says: And if you try to built it, it will: All dependencies for the build are set At that: asus-me176c:/tmp/ClassiCube/src$ find /usr/include -name "*execinfo*" asus-me176c:/tmp/ClassiCube/src$ There is nothing in the repositories called execinfo
  6. If I make a screenshot of the world code and there's only water with bedrock or already only air, it will weigh about 70 Kb and I can upload it to the forum By the way for some reason screenshots with black textures weigh much less It worked and now the screenshot weighs about 240KB and I can upload one but because I can only upload 290KB I can't upload the second one
  7. Textures and interface work as intended Output the command line if you need it: And screenshots when some blocks are visible I can not download because You are only allowed to upload 296.96kB. and Max total size 0.29MB but they weigh 381 KB and 376 KB And when there is only air and only a bedrock with water I can download
  8. You can build a PSP version and run it through PPSSPP, which was officially available for Symbian
  9. This is the output on startup in the terminal The folder audio is not downloading because of problems with https specifically this folder and its content is not downloadable so I copied it from my ThinkPad running on Debian I hope it doesn't interfere with anything Here are the screenshots:
  10. On the most innovative mobile OS in the history of mobile OS - webOS
  11. As I said, I am using an already built version for RPI 32bit from the official website And when trying to build this: And the executable doesn't show up. Here are screenshots of chat in full screen and windowed mode as well as when there is still water and thigh and when there is only air
  12. Several newer distributions support this device For example openSUSE Leap 15.4 has full official support But the proprietary nVidia driver works only with kernel 3.1 and is tied to several other older versions of libraries With the open source driver called opentegra 3D it doesn't work at all But 2D is supported. I think without 3D the result would be much worse than now
  13. In the Launcher is fine, but when you go into the game, everything is black. The characteristics of the device: nVidia Tegra 2 512 MB RAM 1024x600 This is not an x86 but an ARM I am currently using Lubuntu 13.04 with proprietary drivers for Tegra 2 because in 13.10 and 14.04 support for this device is so bad that in 2014 they were removed from the official site I used the RPI 32bit version because it is also ARM and uses GL ES instead of GL, which is not supported by the proprietary drivers from nVidia Screenshots:
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