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  1. Idk I was just trying to make a suggestion on how to improve classicube, but ig a bunch of ppl from a server I haven't played in months feel the need to lose their shit. Hope you're proud of yourselves.
  2. So this summer as a lot of people predicted, the classicube playerbase is taking a hit now that the kids are off for the summer and the pandemic is getting closer to an end. This is really heartbreaking to see, as popular servers such as New Bloods and others are starting to lose players. I think what classicube really needs is to advertise in any realistic way to chromebook owners. Chromebooks are an affordable option for web computing, but they can't run real applications. With classicube's web support, minecraft for chromebook owners becomes a reality. And trust me, we all know this, but classicube needs chromebook kids to survive whether you like it or not. Chromebook kids bless us with player counts and god tier quotes. It used to be fun when you could play zombie survival with 20+ players, and introducing many newbies to the game. I don't know how expensive it is to advertise on facebook, youtube, and etc. but there's a market for chromebooks which means there's a market for classicube. We just need to find a way to unleash it's full potential. I hope the classicube owners, and some of the bigger servers on here could team up and find a way to work together to advertise more and get the word out. We are in a stage where if things don't turn around now, it'll die forever. Just my two cents, that's all.
  3. One of the best tips for newbies is too build in repeating panels. This can get stale after awhile, but it's a good place to start. Once you get this trick down it's very easy to create a layout for your build. Here's an example of a simple farmhouse I built, notice the panels.
  4. Easter bunny is not woke!! #cancelled
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