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  1. i did a speedrun https://www.speedrun.com/ccf/full_game#Build_Limit :)
  2. Brainfuck, it's the best programming language after all. On a serious note, I think lua would be an OK place to start. Not too hard to start out, and there's a few games which are good places to start working on, like Roblox and Core.
  3. Why not? Just seems interesting, that's all.
  4. Ahh, I understand now! I think I could probably write a script to spawn mobs in all loaded worlds, despite my lack of skill. Thank you.
  5. What do you think speedrunning this game would be like? there's this: https://www.speedrun.com/ccf but I'm feeling like something more complex could be interesting
  6. Wow, thanks for the tip! I have one question though. How do I get this working? I've installed the plugin onto my server, but It just doesn't do anything. I've tried different world names and enabling PvP in worlds, but to no avail. Any clue?
  7. SkyRoofGuy

    Plugin help?

    I'm starting a private server for me and my friends, and it has the Not Awesome Survival plugin. I've been looking around for a while to see if I can find a few plugins that will add mobs, and a day-night cycle, but to no avail. If anyone has found some luck finding plugins that do this, could you please post the link to them here?
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