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  1. When I do personally is just imbrace my feelings, and just think about what I have/did wrong and what I can do to fix it. Other times when it's just too much I just listen to sad music and just let my feelings out. To cheer me up I probably talk to one of my friends, I feel like sadness can always be solved with sadness when it comes to talking to them, no matter how awkard it can be.
  2. I've taken notes of some models that people have made, i dont know all of them but these are the ones I know: /model woman(alex)|0.76 /model bike /model motorbike /model shadow+pony /model yokeru+enderman /model xenonman+dualgun(alex) /model soldier /model urfriendmae+floss /model urfriendmae+catgirl /model xenonman+isaac(alex) /model urfriendmae+bunger|2 skin: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/8i7krexuhx9d4pr/1Thntgr.pngmodel%3A (You can also do /g yokeru+ to see some other models that he made) You can use |0.5 (or any other number from 0.0 to 2 to change your height) Hopefully this is useful, and you can also investigate for yourself what other cool models there are. Have a good day!😁
  3. I don't know if this helps, but I use photoshop to re-size skins so that I can use them in CC, instead of just finding skins that are the sized requirement (i'm not saying there bad, i'm just saying that when I started playing CC it was kinda hard to find skins because I didn't know where to find them, ya know?). Again, this is of topic, but I hope it helps?
  4. My favorite thing about CC is probably the selection of maps you have in some servers, such as NA 2, or Pussiant Royale. I think what drew me in was the people that I encountered when I first came in such as Carly, (god bless her soul) and many other players. I saw other people in my school play this game, but I didn't know what it was called so I searched for it until I found CC.
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