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  1. no obligatory more words to prevent one word post ban
  2. stop following prank youtubers none of it is real and you should not emulate their stupidity
  3. That memory error is related to the fill command.
  4. congrats it's a code error. fix the error or report the problem in the plugins github
  5. yall the amount of server work that would require this. You're talking about moving from unique usernames to something else like a UUID. Which means, every server software as well as the api would have to change to support UUID as a unique, which means it breaks the classic protocol as well. It's doable, but it also would require a lot of work and a lot of updates across everything, as well as potentially break a lot of stuff.
  6. does the file even exist? errors in the error log or console when compiling? anything other than "it does not work"?
  7. try doing something instead of telling us about it. the world is a big place you'll find something to do
  8. me: i will name you bob every enchantment: hi my name is now bob
  9. the issue with chromebooks is most of them are given by schools or are bought because they're cheap, and running a server on them, while it may be possible with command line, wouldn't be the best idea because of the cheaper hardware. An AMD A6 or Celeron will only go so far. Your argument about security isn't necessarily true either. It doesn't matter the OS, if someone wants to exploit it, it can be exploited if tried hard enough. The only reason why windows seems less secure is because the amount of market share it has and the vas amount of dumb people that download stupid things and run it. ChromeOS seems more "secure" because they make it harder to run any software you want, like hosting a CC server. Trust me, if linux was more mainstream on desktop market share you'd probably be seeing people deleting their entire hard drive by clicking on that one ad on youtube because tits.
  10. living with the suffering in my head
  11. February 8th & 9th, 2021 Today is February 11th
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