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  1. Wish granted, the entire world is now covered in smog and pollution because every single thing runs on gas and oil. Including coffee makers, toothbrushes, vibrators, phones, computers, and even your mouse. People are getting dementia, as well as dying from lung disease and carbon monoxide poisoning because of the constant exhaust that's in the air. Birth rates are down because of the increased level of birth defects, and humans will be extinct in 50 years, as well as most other life forms on the planet. I wish this topic was really called The Monkeys Paw.
  2. Ah I see. Could you try doing the Blue Screen View screenshot? That would contain more information, including the stop code.
  3. You say the hard drive wasn't happy while spinning down, does the computer still boot normally? If so, there's a software called Blue Screen View that gives a bit of a stack trace that can help figure out where the crash started, you can download it here: https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html If you could provide a screenshot of that, it would be helpful. Typically i've seen this related error to drivers, and more often than not storage related. Since the stop code is 0x0000000A, it could be related to external hardware. Have you plugged in an external USB device recently?
  4. hey don't knock alpine it's actually pretty useful for smaller sites. Related note:
  5. newsflash the world doesn't conform to one persons ideals, sometimes you just gotta let it go and move on thanks for your opinion, I'll file it under "T"
  6. I too love my standing toilet in my one room house
  7. if you only knew what goes into making software like this, the only thing "special" about them would be the rate they decrease your will to live
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