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  1. ImOnHotelWifi


    bitch ass nigga im going off on your ass becuase u wanna ban me and shit cuz ¨i posted on the wrong forum¨ acting like a lil ass female cuz yu got urself a lil website with what 1k visits my boy, good shit but when u make a website make sure the servers on it arent full of bitches my boy go play gta or some shit, get a bitch on ya dick, get ya meat wet ya faggot, ya mother knows all about wetting meat up with her coochie, small lips though get that fixed my guy but her throat game is amazing ,oh yea kawaii cube fuck yo bitch ass lil ass treesh ya father doesnt love you and yo a hoe ass bitch my guy weird ass classicube players, im out this bitch big gs9 WOOOOOOOO
  2. ImOnHotelWifi


    ok ANDREW thanks but ion really care anymore lol i think im done with that server for a little, it full of a bunch of females anyway and no worries andrew i think ur retarded too my guy so feelings mutual πŸ™‚ it should be a thing to forum it on ur website tho because the server is on ur website right? or did u not create cc 😐 ur mothers a slut brother man anyways fagg
  3. ImOnHotelWifi


    where can i right a report for someone in zs using there power/mod or something the wrong way
  4. lmaooooo you people are weird
  5. ImOnHotelWifi


    Your goated megaboi
  6. sarahhhhhhh πŸ™‚ yes
  7. no sadly it was like xsarahx or something
  8. this argument is kinda stupid but hey who doesnt love a little beef
  9. There is this sarah girl i met in zs and we became friends but i cant figure out her cc name other than the sarah part 😞 and i wanna talk to her someone please help me ❀️
  10. Ok so i know what i did was wrong ig, heres what happened i joined zs and yk u spawn with all the blocks so i pressed t on accident when i was gonna press g and there was this red line so usually when i pressed t on accident i would press enter to make it go away but i didnt relize the red line was there til i pressed enter then it sent, ill take the punishment ig but it wasnt on purpose,
  11. ImOnHotelWifi


    So when i first joined i was told by multiple people i could use curse words and or bad language but now i have people snitching on me telling i guess mods or something that im cursing so now im muted on the zombie survival server for 59 mins because of a bad word even though multiple people curse, how do i get unmuted?
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