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Art Competition

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Hello children and welfare enjoyers,

I am calling all artists in the community to join together for an art competition! Please draw a ClassiCube related artwork and post it on this thread to enter. You can draw anything like your favorite staff member, a really cool build, or even the ClassiCube commit log! As an example, I drew our very own Goodly (front facing view). There will be prizes so get drawing fast but don't copy my art!!


1st place prize: The password for the UWFAO forum

2nd place prize: Nothing because you are the first to lose

3rd place prize: We will meet weekly in the bathroom of that one Freddy's that always has trash on the floor everywhere. I will bring a box and you bring $50. We both put $20 in the box and I sell you the box for $30 for a net gain of $10. We keep doing this for approximately 10 minutes before president Biden wakes up and tells the IRS someone is doing the infinite money glitch again and therefore inflating the US dollar. It will be like breaking bad but cooler


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On 9/23/2022 at 7:58 AM, iamreallycube said:


ok gib uwfao form password pl.

Truly says a lot about the current ClassiCube administration. May a Curtillion dollars be blessed upon your name.

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