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DeadNova Luxury Home Contest

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DeadNova Luxury Home Building Contest

Hi everyone! I am happy to see the success from our last building event! We had 15 people submit a build! Well guys what? We are hosting another one! Again, on the DeadNova Network. 

Here are a few details you might want to know before entering!

How do I sign up? - All you need to do is log on the server and click the "Events" bot. Or you can type the command /goto housecontest. This will take you to the map. Once on there, ask an online Admin/ Moderator to hook you up to an assigned plot, wait patiently to be add. (if an admin isn't online type in chat "/send Javi I need to be added to a plot on the contest") , then we should add you to a plot, in 2-4 hours of you sending the message.

Can I work with my someone? - No, this contest is Solo only! We may have more contest, later in the summer where u can work together.

When is the deadline for this contest - You can sign up whenever you want. The end of this contest is June 24, 2022. Grading will start around 5:00 PM. I am grading on the following elements. 

1. Originality/Creativity - Make something new or something clever.
2. Accuracy - Be sure your build fits the theme. 
3. Overall Design - Good grades will be given to builds that are pleasing overall. If something in your build distracts me from the rest of it, it will receive a poor grade.

How do I grade it? - Well I do an overall grading system, which is out of 10 points. If you build received over a 6.5 then you move on to the next round. Then I revote again. I try to be un-biased in every way possible.

What are the prizes for the winners?

1st place gets - Free Rank-up and 15,000 coins

2nd place gets - 10,000 coins

3rd place gets - 5,000 coins

4th place gets - 2,500 coins

5th place gets - 500 coins



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