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  1. It was a warm morning, the birds were singing and the roosters were saying co-coro-roo Empy and Goodly woke up in their bed, staring into each other's eyes. "gimp" Empy told him. "How many hours do you want to play Gmod today?" Goodly said gently. "As many as possible, as long as I am by your side" Empy said seriously. Both of them were getting ready to play the Gmod games of their lives! Until a mistake from the past lurks and returns for revenge ... * Ding-dong! * Rang the doorbell. "Mm who could it be?" Goodly said without knowing the surprise that he would saw incoming... * The door opens * "Hi, is there anything I can help with ..... OH NO" Goodly exclaimed surprised at what his eyes saw. "Hey Goodsito... I hope you haven't forgotten about me..... BECAUSE I CAME FOR THE BABY'S CUSTODY!" SAID THAT MAN WHOSE IDENTITY IS UNKNOWN! Could the best classicube couple get rid of this situation?! Find out in the next volume!!!
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