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  1. Oh wait I recognize megacraft now I got unbanned and that was a server I've been on! (It probbably changed its name) For some reason I got banned and I didnt break any rules
  2. I joined a server i NEVER BEEN ON called megacraft, and when I joined it it said Banned by (console): broke a *beep* ton of rules And I never been on the server, and I got banned, IMMEDIATELY when I joined it This must be a glitch, or maybe some admin abusement on the server
  4. I know not everybody is the same religion as me. I dont watch pewdiepie, I use to, butttttt.... I then realized, ok pewdiepie is CRAP, I shouldn't watch him do things I hate! I dont watch pewdiepie anymore I'm listing things I dont like about pewdiepie and why I dont watch him anymore Pewdiepie has caused drama too many times, and I dont watch him anymore now Pewdiepie screaming is too cringe
  5. I dont like pewdiepie anymore, here are some reasons why he SUCKS 1. He says dirty things, like saying words like "big pp" 2. He uses the lords name in vein! As a Christian myself, this offends me, He says "goddammit" wich is using the lords name in vein. 3. Swearing, pewdiepie back then use to swear in almost ALL OF HIS VIDEOS, he even said the n-word once! Luckily he rarely swears now 4. He dosent belive in God! YES THATS RIGHT pewdiepie is not Christian, if pewdiepie was christian he wolud never use The lords name in vein. And I will stop watching pewdiepie now, God told me to stop watching him. If pewdiepie existed as a TV star before God was taken out of schools and He wolud, never swear, or use the lords name in vein Watch unspeakable instead Remember this is just my opinion so dont hate me I feel liek thejkid leaving roblox now I am gonna get a -9999 community reputation by the pepole who dont understand that it's just my opinion because of this post
  6. I want to know how to delete a forum post
  7. I'm under 13 so I cant use discord
  8. I new to classicube, I dont know anything about this folder thing I use web client on mobile so, is it for the PC app or what I new to classicube, I dont know anything about this folder thing I use web client on mobile so, is it for the PC app or what Ok I just read this, I cant get plugins on web client, aw man! PC classicube app just gets the cool stuff,
  9. Mods wolud be a great idea to add to classicube you can add them in servers and singleplayer! And I dont have ideas about how to add them in servers but you can think of a way to add it 🙂 In singleplayer on both PC and web client, there will be a apply mods section where you can add the mod! Mods colud add things like ranged weapons, (guns or bows or crossbows or airbows) swords, custom blocks (some servers already have custom blocks but we can use mods to get custom blocks on a server client that cannot add custom blocks) If the user plays the server that has mods he has the option to choose to download the mod or not so he can see it (Like a texturepack) If you call this dumb then let me tell you this I AM VERY NEW TO CLASSICUBE AND I USE WEB CLIENT ON MOBILE Ok
  10. I use mobile and my mom wont let me use her PC so, I cant do it
  11. But how do we do that? I dont know anything about making classicube servers
  12. I want to spawn bots in single player, so how to get MCgalaxy in single player?
  13. Leave your entries in the subreddit below And I'll watch submissions in text episode of LWIAY
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