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  1. You know you could just stop playing there, right? There's plenty of other servers which are better.
  2. You can't play survival, but you can play multiplayer by signing in and clicking "Play" on the website or the client.
  3. aleksb385


    put the map in /extra/import and use /import filename
  4. aleksb385


    /copylvl <name> <name> or save it from another server and import it. but don't steal maps
  5. aleksb385


    What's a server request? I thought listing servers didn't require anything..?
  6. Install Counter-Strike: Source
  7. If you're using the GUI, it should be in the settings. If you don't have access to it, probably the server properties file.
  8. Hmm, why play on NA2 when you can play on a NA2 clone! Try thinking of something original.
  9. AntVenom did a video about it a while ago
  10. And you can download cef from here. Just make sure to select the proper OS, then move the file into /plugins in the CC directory.
  11. My favourite admin is 123DontAndrewWitShadow200. No but for real, all of you guys are awesome ❤️
  12. I'm thankful that I'm not American. I'm also thankful that Andrew let me post this.
  13. Could you please translate this "tutorial" to English?
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