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  1. I fixed up some inaccurate information in the tutorial, hopefully it should be more helpful now.
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    /ra 17 18 0, keep in mind this will replace all leaves and logs with air
  3. Do /server public from the console or enable "public server" from the settings
  4. There is a server list at https://classicube.net/server/list
  5. It still runs on a server somewhere, the website just provides you an interface to access and modify the files on it
  6. This is about the 10th time this question has been posted this week. No. You need to run an executable file, which you cannot do within a web browser.
  7. 1) nobody is forcing you to play on the server 2) your brother is on this place called the internet, a place where you're bound to see swear words at one point or another. there's no way to prevent them.
  8. You could probably use a linux terminal to get the desktop client of ClassiCube running. The reason why sound won't come to webclient though is because it's not sure whether Microsoft (Minecraft sounds are owned by them) would be fine with us doing that.
  9. aleksb385

    Fist Fight

    Whilst no fancy modern minecraft features are planned to come to ClassiCube or MCGalaxy, you can use a plugin which imitates this behaviour. Here's one made by Venk, may require tweaking: https://github.com/derekdinan/ClassiCube-Stuff/blob/master/MCGalaxy/Plugins/VenksSurvival.cs
  10. Ah right, my bad. Without signing in, click "Direct connect" in the client and enter your username, your local IP ( should work) and nothing on mppass
  11. Copy the URL which shows up (classicube.net/server/play/...) Sign in on the desktop client Paste the url here: Press Connect
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    Try this to find out: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/find-linux-distribution-name-version-number/ If you don't want to read through it, just run cat /etc/*-release and send the output.
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    cd is a command. Try running cd ~/Downloads then the tar command again, but I can't guarantee it'll work. As for distro, it simply means distribution. Are you using Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Arch or something else?
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    Are you sure you've cd'd into the downloads folder beforehand? Also, which distro are you using? You could probably install ClassiCube from its package manager...
  15. First of all, you don't need to download the game, you just need a texture pack and some knowledge of how to set up custom blocks. Here's a useful tutorial by Empy:
  16. aleksb385

    About Bot AI

    Then try /botai add stare stare, then /botset <bot name> stare
  17. aleksb385

    About Bot AI

    /botset stare?
  18. Why bother retrying when it tells you exactly why you can't register? Also for any issues I'd recommend not asking in this forum, because it's unrelated to eddynet.
  19. This is the fifth time you've asked and you always got an answer. Privately message an admin.
  20. You can add ranks from the server's configuration files. You can find texture packs on many different places, such as doing /mi env on maps or looking through collections online. To change command permissions, use /cmdset
  21. If you are only planning on using IRC to connect your ClassiCube server to Discord and you are running MCGalaxy, you're better off just using its inbuilt Discord relay bot. More info can be found here. This tutorial is still valid, however, and you can still use IRC if you wish. Hello! In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to set up a bridge between a ClassiCube server, IRC, Discord and back. Prerequisites: A server running software which supports IRC (MCGalaxy is the most common one) A computer which has a terminal prompt and supports Node.js/npm (this is unlikely, but possible to work on chromebooks) A Discord account (so you can create the bot) A brain 1. Set up IRC on your ClassiCube server On MCGalaxy, this is somewhere in properties/server.properties. Just enable IRC, keep the server and port as they are, don't put anything in OP channel and put whatever you want for channel. (Make sure that it starts with # though). I'll use #example for this tutorial. 2. Install npm (what is npm?) On Linux, you can use your package manager of choice to install npm. Examples: Ubuntu (and other Debian-based distros) sudo apt install npm Arch: sudo pacman -S npm Note: you may need to additionally install Node.js as well, haven't tried it myself. On Windows and macOS, you will have to download and install it from Node.js's download page. It is recommended that you use the LTS version, but "Current" works as well. 3. Create a configuration file for discord-irc Go to a new directory which you'll use for your bot and create a new .json file. Here is what you'll put in it (explanations for the numbers will be given below): { "nickname": "1", "server": "2", "discordToken": "3", "channelMapping": { "4": "5" } } 1 - Replace this with the nickname of the bot. This will be seen in-game and from the IRC channel. It is recommended that you just set this to "Discord". 2 - Replace this with the IRC server you're using. MCGalaxy uses "irc.esper.net" by default. 3 - Replace this with your Discord bot's token (NEVER SHARE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE!). More instructions in step 4. 4 - Replace this with the Discord channel's ID. Essentially, all messages will be sent in that channel. To get a channel's ID, right-click it and click "Copy ID". If you don't see this, enable Developer Mode from the Advanced section of the Discord settings. 5 - Replace this with the IRC channel's name. If you set your MCGalaxy server's IRC channel to #example, put #example there. Note: you can expand this file with more options if you want. This is just the very minimal version. 4. Create a new Discord bot and get its token Creating a Discord bot is easy, you just have to go to My Applications on the Discord Developer Portal, create a new application, then create a bot for it. Once that is done, click the button to copy the token and insert it into the json file you made above. Once again, do NOT share your token with anyone, ever. 5. Install discord-irc and run the bot Open a terminal prompt (cmd.exe or powershell works on Windows) and cd to the directory in which the .json file is located, then install discord-irc using npm by writing this: npm i -g discord-irc and pressing Enter/Return. After this, wait until it's installed. If it doesn't let you install it, try putting sudo before npm. (so sudo npm i -g discord-irc). This will give you root permissions and works only on Linux, you will also need to input your user password. Once discord-irc is installed, make sure that you are in the .json file's directory and run this from the terminal: discord-irc --config <name>.json The bot should be running and should be relaying messages to/from the IRC, which by itself is connected to the ClassiCube server. To stop the bot, press Ctrl+C. You can also run discord-irc from different directories, just use --config /path/to/<name>.json as the arguments. That's it! If you have any questions, extra tips or have anything to say about this, please let me know. Have a nice day and I hope this helps you! ~Alex
  22. wholesome 100 keanu chungus chonker breathtaking reddit moment instagram bad reddit good
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    You can't apply to become a moderator on ClassiCube (mostly forums), you have to be approached by the admins, but they don't seem to have plans to accept new moderators. If you want to apply to be staff on a server, ask whoever runs it.
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