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  1. I can't login once I log out please fix
  2. Yep, and I might see a law suit 😕 I am not sure why I am hated so much if I did not include the classicube logo people might think 'oh it's tumblr' with a dumb tone IF THEY WERE ON FB SINCE THAT IS WHERE IT IS A IDIOT GOLD VAIN Yeah I GOT THE BIG BIIIIIG DUMB Oooook so I made a new thing on the 'help me' tap of the forums...
  3. Please help me! I am trying to install the classicube client on my cool pad and I CAN NOT FIND HOW TO INSTALL! Please help, I am new to NOT a app but having a lot of code instead of a app, am I someone that you can say, 'you am have stupid?' or say 'are you a idiot' or am I being reasonable?
  4. Well, this is the poll and use the skin if needed 😛 I am kinda poor in the reputation but please do not use this as a way to say 'oh I FUCKING hate you' when y'all do not TRY to get to get more background or if you chose no in there you just were like 'hey I will be a yesman bc he hate self's like I just made this as my FIRST thing to do yet now people are like 'oh I hate you BC OF FIRST POST!!' like that is a drop of dumb mixed with a Vat of the 'toxic of tumblr' thing...
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