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  1. i say i was on new blood im not liying.
  2. no this is not a virus link ithis is a server
  3. ok wait... lassicube.net/server/play/92d01dba62fc9c0c570acd04df18e45f/ http://www.classicube.net/server/play/92d01dba62fc9c0c570acd04df18e45f/
  4. dont tell that question.
  5. but its stuck on the loading screen.
  6. i was playing classic cube so if you want to go with me just click bloodmap.
  7. i was bored yesterday with no friends so please play on blood map i was lonely here.
  8. so i was playing Not awsome 2 realms and more but its says turn of custom blocks however i did not turn on custom blocks
  9. calo can ou play blood map i was bored.
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