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  1. Hi everyone, The reason I want to post this is because I felt sad that the Classic Minecraft won't exist on minecraft.net anymore, and also I want to say why I started playing ClassiCube. How did I start playing CC? I searched "Free Minecraft" on Google, and there popped up many things, because I watched the mother fucking premium streams, and then... I saw ClassiCube, which is free. Because that time I don't want to spend money 😄 Then, this is how it worked out: I registered a account, but who knew that this is classic, even I have been played Classic Minecraft before, but who'd know, this custom Minecraft got a lot bugs fixed? After the Minecraft.net server list was removed, I've never been played any other Sandbox games... I tried play Minecraft on classic.minecraft.net , but there wasn't any more commands, I can't play Multiplayer anymore, I loved multiplayer servers, they have ranks, and a lots of stuff. How do I feel now? I feel great, but I still bought premium Minecraft, cause I just want to play Hypixel Mini games 😄 but still thank you ClassiCube for saving Classic Minecraft, I hope you staffs can keep it and make it even better
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