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  1. okay, thank you for telling me
  2. Hello. This is decor74 here, i need help to ask you if cef is safe for low-end PCs. I hope you respond 🙂
  3. How did you get shaders from classicube?
  4. decor74


    Good idea deewend?
  5. decor74


    Yes, i Agree what MESYETI said
  6. decor74


    No, It will only work for minecraft java or bedrock, Not ClassiCube, Because it don't have Shader Performance Button And Plus, Shader really won't work if its on ClassiCube...
  7. Hello, Today when i go to classicube launcher and sign in here is what happened: Hope you respond!
  8. Hello! Today i just created my eddynetweb server when i started it says that i must port forward my eddynetweb srever, so can you help me port forward it.
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