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  1. Nynx


    yup, another im leaving classicube fourm post!!! SO ORIGINAL listen, i really do like this game, i like the people that play it, but yk, everything must come to an end might as well go out with a bang Goodbye
  2. I'm honestly so scared to watch the video, spooky!!
  3. Alright seeya, it was nice having you here ig (even though i don't know you)
  4. Sounds cool! I'm excited to see how it turns out :3
  5. Nynx


    If your talking about it being on your skin in every server always, then no, I don't think so. But, you might be able to have one if it's manually given via a command in a server, and yes, it can most likely be custom.
  6. i fell out of my chair from fear after looking at that!
  7. 1. Astrid - glaive 2. Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes, Adam Levine 3. World's Smallest Violin - AJR 4. Birthday - Katy Perry 5. Praying - Kesha don't judge please T - T
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