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  1. Well only 13 years old can play clasicube if your under 13, permabanned for saying that your 10
  2. ok i need to mod classic for fun but i don't know, maybe it hard or easy. and i found this guy who mod 0.30 classic
  3. or this (this guy know how to mod classic 0.30
  4. i saw a classicube android port video it bad cause there is no singleplayer
  5. c# and c++ i don't use them i only use game maker 8.0 programming languge well i don't know how to mod the minecraft client it take alot of work
  6. OK, what software does classicube use, i am a game developer to game maker 8.0 to others. just ask is it c++ c# or other lets me know.
  7. hello there, today im showing the new updates, they will be new settings and also new blocks like gears! AND crying obsidian. and new server cmds like /sudo and more.
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