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  1. tocx280mn


    Hey tell me, did you look, maybe in the map folder? If you don't know where it is, look in: internal storage \ Android \ data \ com.classicube.android.client \ files \ maps that's where you will find your file or map One more thing, are you trying to edit your maps or are you trying to save them?
  2. Could you tell me how to properly install Not Awesome Survival?
  3. hey do you need it to open it in classicube? or want to open it in a Minecraft world or edit it
  4. yes but it is not installed correctly Could someone tell me how to install it
  5. Hi, I need help to correctly install Not Awesome Survival plugin, since I get an error and I echo what the page says https://github.com/NotAwesome2/Nas good but I saw that there are more files to install but I don't know how maybe that's why it doesn't work for me
  6. To make a texturepack, you need to go to the classicube source folder Then you have to look for a folder that says texpacks, to go to it then there will be a zip file called "default.zip" Then you extract it, and you look for an image called terrain.png you can open it with a photo editor such as paint or photoshop then you can modify the textures to your liking (the blocks measure 16px x 16px) you can also modify the other textures to your liking
  7. tocx280mn


    Thank you and one more thing you know how pluguins are made
  8. tocx280mn


    Anyone know what are the plugins, which use survival servers? I need them since I want to play with friends without destroying anything, that is, private servers And also of plugins anyone knows, how can one do them? Please I would also wish if someone knows how plugins are made, since I want to make some También desearía que alguien supiera cómo se hacen los plugins, ya que quiero hacer algunos
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