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  1. On 8/12/2021 at 6:49 AM, Smappy767 said:


    If you update your game to the latest dev build, you should be able to load this map now, although you'll still see a warning:
    (out of curiosity, do you remember where you got this map from? I'm wondering what generated this partially broken level file)

    Thanks icanttellyou for providing the .lvl file.

    Technical details of the issue with this level file:

    The file itself:
    1. Gzip header - okay
    2. Compressed data - okay
    3. Gzip trailer - okay

    The decompressed data:
    1. Map header - okay
    2. Map blocks - okay
    3. Map custom block section identifier - okay
    4. Map custom block section contents - only 1 byte long instead of 2048

    Not sure why only 1 byte got written, but the 'uncompressed data size' in Gzip trailer also agrees with it only being 1 byte long instead of 2048.
    MCGalaxy happens to load this map by accident, as it ignores the end of stream error when reading the map's custom block section contents.

  2. Are you seeing any error messages about failing to load options.txt when starting the game?

    Which players having issues with loading options.txt? Venk's issue with options.txt being reset was due to using the client in a way that almost no one would ever normally do.

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  3. 30 minutes ago, lashednova said:

    how i give console with mc galaxy im trying to say 

    MCGalaxy deliberately does not include remote console functionality - the nearest option in MCGalaxy itself is through IRC. (adding IRC controllers with /IRCControllers, and then set IRC controllers rank in server.properties to nobody)

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  4. One thing to check is if any warning or error messages are being logged to browser's Console, which might explain why the game is getting stuck loading.

    For example, with Chrome, you can do that by:

    1. Opening Developer Tools
    2. Switch to Console tab in Developer Tools

    You may also have to reload the page for the warning/error messages to show

  5. The webclient automatically saves options to IndexedDB anytime you change an option, so there's nothing you can manually configure with saving.

    I have updated the webclient to log any errors when saving IndexedDB now - so if possible, can you please try changing an option again and see if you get an error message in chat now


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  6. The reason why sounds haven't been implemented isn't because of any sort of technical roadblock, but because of a legal uncertainty. I don't know whether playing the sounds directly from Mojang's resource servers is considered acceptable use or not.

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  7. If you're using the desktop/android client, just delete options.txt from the folder where the ClassiCube executable is to reset all your settings.


    If you're using the web client, it's a bit trickier as you need to delete options.txt from IndexedDB. How to do that depends on which web browser you're using.

    For example, with Chrome, you can do that by:

    1. Opening Developer Tools
    2. Switch to Application tab in Developer Tools
    3. Select IndexedDB under Storage panel on left pane
    4. Expand /classicube, then expand FILE_DATA
    5. Right click the /classicube/options.txt entry and then click Delete


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  8. It's a command, so should be using /compile and /cmdload instead of /pcompile here


    The issue here is that at some point, someone opened and saved CmdAnnounce.dll with a text editor - but .dll files are not text files, which meant that some of the bytes in the .dll file got changed and hence made the .dll unloadable.

    If you do /compile Announce (to regenerate CmdAnnounce.dll) and then /cmdload Announce again though, it should work.

  9. 10 hours ago, henry242 said:

    if you have at least 4GB of ram on your chromebook, have an x64 processor and the linux feature enabled, you can make a perfectly usable, if not unstable server. you proabably want to make it whitelist only, since chromebooks can't handle a ton of updates (don't ask me how i know this), and limit drawing commands. if you're on sleep mode, the server won't run

    What specifically do you mean by it can't handle lots of updates?

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