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  1. space cadet by metro boomin unforgettable by french montana
  2. Use /LB if you want a block on a particular server, or /GB if you want a block in an entire server.
  3. Mine's number 10. Idk why I liked the number 10. Wats yours?
  4. azbacho10


    Go try it out, touch grass simulator. https://www.roblox.com/games/11173820274/Touch-Grass-Simulator
  5. You are one, tbh. Your past post looks like your typing like a kid... Looks like your 10.....
  6. Also, this is a useless topic. Herobrine doesn't exsist in cc. And it looks like ur playing multiplayer or just photoshop it, correct me if im wrong. Stop posting like this useless thread that came from nowhere.
  7. fix your grammar before you post please you look like a kid that just learn how to type.
  8. Buy all I needed like a house, food, and a bed. Buy a new PC (my pc has low memory but runs cc in browser well) and save the money that is left.
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