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Building Guide.

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Heya everyone, this guide will make you learn how to improve your buildings!

1. Basics

There are 65 unique blocks in the game, many including stone, etc. To open up your inventory, press "B" on the keyboard, if you are on mobile, you should find three dots on your hotbar, tap on it to open the inventory, here will show you all the blocks you can use.

2. Texture packs

There are many Texture packs made by people, which can help you make a design, decorations, etc. These texture packs can be found on servers and websites, if you want to put the texture pack into your Overseer (which can be done by /os map create) Then type /mi env in the world that has a texture pack, and copy the link, go to your Overseer by typing /os go, then type /os map texture (URL), if the texture pack has a .png, it will only copy the terrain texture, if it is a .zip, it will copy the texture pack. If you want to see the terrain, press F10

3. Creating new blocks

custom blocks allow you to make new blocks, edit them, and much more! Let's see how to make one. first, you need to type /os lb add, this will ask you questions about what your block name wants to be, etc. To answer any of those questions, say /os lb answer [answer], and if you want to cancel, just simply type /os lb abort, now if you made a mistake you can revert it by doing /os lb revert.

Once you have made your block, you have done it! You made a block, however, if you want to edit it at any time, you can do /os lb edit [ID] [property] [value].

4. Buildings

When you are making a build, you can mess it up at any time, and sometimes it would look bad, Here are some tips that can help you improve it!

Ideas. Make sure to have an idea for your buildings (e.g a house, hospital, gas station). This might improve your buildings if you have no idea what you are doing.

Inspiration. You can get some inspiration from people, and the internet and this will improve your buildings.

Patient. I know this might be a little funny, but I'm serious, being patient helps a lot in buildings.

And that's it, a simple guide that helps your buildings, if you want a version showcasing everything about Custom blocks, I highly recommend watching Bruceja's building tutorial. You can watch it here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG9JgmdiJ-k, anyways good luck and have a nice day!!

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